Meizu Pro 5 Heating Test: Does it overheat?

by Joel 1

Meizu announced its Pro 5 flagship last month with the powerful Exynos 7420 octa-core chip on board. With this chip inside, the phone manages to score more than 70K easily, which is why many of us are interested to see how well the Pro 5 flagship manages to dissipate heat.



Snapdragon 810 has a very bad reputation of overheating, despite being a powerful flagship chipset. On the other hand, the 14nm based Exynos 7420 seems to tackle the problem of overheating quite well. So, some folks over at China decided to perform a heating test on the new Meizu Pro 5 under certain circumstances to see how whether it managed to keep the heat levels under control.


In the first test, the Meizu Pro 5 was made to run the AnTuTu benchmark test for about 5 minutes. The test takes care of a number of areas like processing power, GPU etc, which should technically heat up the device. It’s like playing a high-end game for about 5 minutes on the device. After the first five minutes of the test, wherein the phone managed to score about 76K points, the maximum temperature at the front was 39.5 degree Celsius. At the back, the maximum temperature was just 37.3 degrees Celsius with an average of about 35.8 degrees. The phone managed to keep the temperature under 40 degrees which is quite impressive. Not bad for a flagship with such raw power underneath!


In the second test, the phone was made to run a full HD 1080p video for 10 long minutes. After the video playback, the temperatures of both the back and the front were measured. The temperature up front was just 34.6 degrees with the average being 32.4 degrees. As for the back of the device, the maximum temperature was just 34.2 degrees with the average being 33.5 degrees.

Both the tests show that Meizu has done a great job controlling heat on its Pro 5 flagship. This does prove that high-end performance is possible without overheating the device to unacceptable levels.