Mixcder ShareMe 7 Bluetooth Headphones Review – Share the Music!

by Linus 0

This is a review of the pair of Mixcder ShareMe 7 Bluetooth Headphones, and both of them can play music simultaneously.

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Mixcder ShareMe 7 Bluetooth Headphones Review: VIDEO

Mixcder ShareMe 7 Bluetooth Headphones Review: UNBOXING

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The headphones come in a neat box and all you’re getting is the micro USB cable for charging, AUX cable as you can also use these headphones with non-Bluetooth devices and some instruction manuals.

Mixcder ShareMe 7 Bluetooth Headphones Review: DESIGN

I have two pairs of headphones that come in different colours. They are made of plastic and soft faux leather on the inside. The headphones don’t look super expensive but they don’t look cheap either.
IMG_4333 IMG_4339
On the right headphone we have a volume rocker, power key and the aux output, so you can use them as non-bluetooth headphones as you wish.
On the left, there is a micro USB port and the mic for hands-free calling but I have to say that this feature is far from the best as the call quality does not impress.
Overall, I am pretty happy with the design and build quality of these headphones.

Mixcder ShareMe 7 Bluetooth Headphones Review: SOUND QUALITY

When it comes to the volume output, the headphones are quite loud. As far as the actual quality of the sound, they are pretty damn good considering the price of under $40.
The sound is balanced, there is a reasonable amount of highs and mids, and the amount of bass is really impressive.
The key feature is that you can play music on two sets of headphones simultaneously and it works fine. The setup is pretty easy too as you just need to press and hold the power key and both pairs of headphones pair automatically.

Mixcder ShareMe 7 Bluetooth Headphones Review: CONCLUSIONS

The Mixcder ShareMe 7 Bluetooth headphones are nothing you haven’t seen before but for the price of $40, you are getting the headphones that have a quality sound, decent amount of volume output and a great battery life as I was able to achieve around 16 hours on a single charge.
Also, the Bluetooth range is absolutely perfect and the ability to play the same content on two sets of headphones is what makes them standout.
However, although I said the build quality is good but it is not perfect. The plastic material on the headphone speakers feels a little bit cheap.
Also, you can see a visible cable… which doesn’t add any premium looks.
Another shortcoming would be that the call quality is not stellar. Well, it’s not a disaster but people on the other end asked me where I’m calling from immediately.
All in all, the Mixcder ShareMe 7 Bluetooth headphones are pretty good if you don’t mind a few shortcomings and I will leave a link in the description below the video if you want to check them out.
Please check out www.mixcder.com