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Vinyl records may not be your first choice when it comes to listening to music but there are still a lot of music lovers out there who do that. However, neither the records itself not the players are cheap but there are some affordable solutions. We have previously reviewed the one made by 1byone and you may check out the video review below.

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The Best Affordable Vinyl Record Player? 1byone Vintage Turntable Review

1byone Vintage Turntable Review: UNBOXING

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The device comes in a huge box and the contents include the turntable itself, AC adapter and instruction manuals.

1byone Vintage Turntable Review: DESIGN and FEATURES

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The 1byone turntable comes in a luggage style case and the exterior is made of PU leather but there are other colour options or even a denim finish. I will leave Amazon links in the description below this video for that.
The first thing you’re going to see is that the device is very well made and doesn’t look cheap at all. Also, all the corners of the luggage are protected with metal plates, which also add a little bit of style.
On the bottom side there are rubber feet to prevent the turntable from sliding and on the front side you can find a metal buckle, a handle and two speakers.
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The right side is where you can find all the controls like power on/off switch, which doubles as a volume knob, a headset jack if you prefer listening to vinyl music via headphones and a power input. Also, you have an option to connect the turntable to external speakers and you can even connect your phone or any mp3 player and use it as a source of the sound input.

1byone Vintage Turntable Review: MUSIC PLAYBACK


Allright, so if you want to start listening to your vinyls, it is very simple even for the first time user. All you have to do is to plug the power cord and turn on the device.
Then you have to open up the luggage with a buckle, which looks very sturdy and will not break anytime soon.
What you want to do here is put a record on the turntable platter and select the desired speed, which includes 33, 45 or 78 RPM according to your record. Usually, the speed is written on the vinyl itself. Keep in mind that if you want to use the 45 RPM record, you have to use the included adapter.
In order to start playing music you have to open up the tone arm clip to release the tone arm. Then you have to push the lift lever backwards to raise the tone arm and gently move the tone arm to the desired position of the vinyl.
Keep in mind that the turntable will start spinning when the tone arm is moved towards the vinyl.
Finally, you have to push the lift lever forward and the tone arm will start moving towards the vinyl record nice and gently.

1byone Vintage Turntable Review: SOUND QUALITY


To be honest, I don’t usually listen to vinyl records, so I have borrowed some very old ones from the 70s that my friend had in his basement.
The sound quality is like listening to vinyl records. The sound is very live and you can hear a lot of rich tones.
As far as the volume output, it could be a bit louder but it is loud enough to fill a large room even if you are playing very old records.

1byone Vinyl Record Player Review: CONCLUSIONS


So there you have it, the 1byone vintage turntable. For just over $70 you are getting an affordable solution to play your old or maybe new vinyl records as they are still being widely used in the music industry.
The 1byone vinyl record player is stylish and has a great build quality. Also, there quite a few options like the ability to play music via headphones, connect the turntable to the external speakers or even connect your phone or any mp3 player.
Also, this turntable is super easy to use and it has an auto power off switch, which stops the music playback automatically as soon as the vinyl record finishes.
A few shortcomings would be that the inside of the turntable feels a bit plasticky as the platter and tone arm parts are wobbling a little. Also, the speakers could be a little bit louder.
Despite a few disadvantages, the 1byone vinyl record player is a great offering if you are looking for affordable solution to play your old or new vinyls and $70 would probably not break your bank.

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