1byone Digital Display Kitchen Scale Review

by Linus 0

It is not every day I review kitchen scales but I decided to do that since I actually needed (not really for kitchen but for weighing smartphones and some packages before shipping, to be honest). Find out more in the full 1byone digital display kitchen scale review.


IMG_7160 IMG_7162
The 1byone kitchen scales come in a simple box and what you are getting inside of it include the scale itself, some documentation and a set of batteries.


The scale is made of high quality materials that include metal and quality plastic. However, the weighing part is made of metal, which is prone to fingerprints and smudges.
The scale has a little LCD screen, where it shows the weight in different units (lbs, grams, ml, oz etc.) and they can be simply changed with the “Unit” button. A great feature is that the unit conversion is seamless once you press the button. On the right side, there is a power on/off switch.
On the bottom there are 4 silicone pads to prevent the scale from sliding on the table.
It is great that the scale uses conventional 2 AAA type batteries and that manufacturer has even included them in the packaging.
IMG_7164 IMG_7168
Overall, the scale is well built and it does not seem to break anytime soon.

Features and Functionality

So what can the scales do? Weigh stuff! It is really easy to use the scale, they are ready to go in less than a second after you power it on.
I compared the 1byone scale with some old one I had and there were either no difference in weight at all or the difference was 1-2g. Thus, I believe that the scale is precise.


The 1byone kitchen scale is not the only option available on the market but my testing results suggest that the device is high quality.
For the price of less than $18 you are getting a well-made device that also has a high quality strain gauge, which allows precision range from 0.01oz / 1g up to 11lbs / 5kg.
In addition to this, it sports ultra-low power consumption tech and overload indication, and it ships with batteries included for immediate use out of the box.
The scale does not seem to break anytime soon, buttons have a good tactile feedback and I am happy with this device.
The only complaint would be that the actual scale part attracts fingerprints and smudges but this shortcoming is far from the dealbreaker.