Nubia Reveals Plans To Expand Into Europe & Latin America Soon

by Joel 0

For the past couple of years, we have been regularly hearing about Nubia smartphones. The company is known for its premium quality built and capable cameras on smartphones, especially its Z series devices. Given that the company was established only back in 2012, it has really done a good job getting the attention of consumers in China and a few other markets. Now, Nubia has just announced that it will be expanding into new markets such as Europe and Latin America soon. So, fans in markets such as Mexico, Argentina, Russia, Spain and Germany will soon be able to purchase Nubia smartphones locally. The company has confirmed that the Nubia Z11 Mini, Z9 Max and the Z9 Mini will be available in these regions soon.


After Suning’s RMB 1.93 billion investment, which comes to $297 million in Nubia back in January 2016, the company is now preparing to expand its reach in new markets. Given that the Chinese market is saturated at the moment and there are lots of other markets where Chinese smartphones are popular, this might actually be a smart move on the part of the company.

Both Argentina and Mexico’s demand for high-end smartphones have been growing recently, thanks to the rapid development of 4G infrastructure as well as the boom in the e-commerce business. The company reveals that in Mexico, there are around 96 million smartphone users, of which, roughly 30 million purchase new phones every year. Further, Argentina is a good market for expansion since 90 percent of the country’s phone market share is represented by international brands. And Nubia aims to be one of these brands real soon.

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As for the more mature markets of Europe, Chinese smartphones are already popular in countries such as Russia. Moreover, both Germany and Spain, with millions of smartphone users turn out to be good markets for expanding Nubia’s reach this year. Apart from the above-mentioned markets, the company also confirms that it has sights on more European markets such as France, Italy, Poland and Turkey. It also mentions some Southeast Asian countries such as India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

With Nubia appointing Cristiano Ronaldo as the brand ambassador, it’s evident that the company is all set to make its presence felt globally. Special C. Ronaldo limited editions of the Nubia Z11 Mini and Z11 Max are also going on sale in China.