Xiaomi’s New Smart Bike Is Coming On June 23

by Joel 3

Although most people would know Xiaomi because of its cheap smartphones, the company has a lot of non-smartphone products in the market right now, especially in the smart home segment. The company also has its own top-end smart bike, called as the Qicycle R1, but that is out of the reach of most buyers since it costs a good $3000! But looks like the company is going to release another smart bike in the market, and from the teasers, it looks like the launch is on June 23, i.e. tomorrow. The smart bike is being teased by MIJIA brand, which was recently launched by Xiaomi to bring all its smart products under one name.

While the teasers do not confirm that the new product launched tomorrow is going to be a bike, the red tail light, and tires, as well as the handlebars and the small information display, makes it quite clear that this is going to be a smart bike. The display especially is something to talk about, which will show all the details like the WATT generated, distance covered, speed, etc. There are a few more options as well, which means it will show most of the details about your bike and journey. And like most Xiaomi’s smart products, expect the bike to feature Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone and share all these journey details.

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MIJIA will officially take the wraps off this new smart bike tomorrow at 2 PM. Stay tuned for more details