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Meizu has no plans for a Notebook PC, but curved screen phones possible!

by Joe 5

Meizu unveiled the Meizu MX6 flagship earlier today in China. The phone comes with the deca-core Helio X20 chip with 4GB RAM and a powerful 12MP Sony IMX386 CMOS sensor. Soon after the event, the company executive, Bai Yongxiang (CEO) and Li Nan (VP) talked about the company’s future plans with the Chinese media.


In an interview, Meizu’s CEO made it clear that the company currently has no plans for a Notebook PC. This comes at a time when Xiaomi is expected to unveil its first ever laptop on July 27. Considering Meizu and Xiaomi often compete in similar product segments, it was possible that Meizu could be developing its own version of the laptop. But that clearly is not on the cards, at least for now.


At present, he said that the company wants to focus on its smartphone business. Further, he added that a curved screen smartphone from the company is possible in the future. We have been hearing many rumors as well as pictures of the curved screen phone from Meizu and this could be a good indication that such a device is really in the works. When asked about smartwatches, the CEO didn’t completely say that a wearable was out of the question.

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As for today’s MX6 release, he believes that the phone will easily sell over a million units.

If the camera with IMX386 sensor is really better than competitors, then MX6 with its 1999 Yuan ($300) can turn out to be a pretty good deal.

What do you think?


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  • Adam Nazifi

    It will do good, Meizu quality is tested and tusted. Only water was able to kill and mx4 pro i knew

    • Muhammad Yasir

      dat price tho !

  • Muhammad Yasir

    he’s fuckin mad … $300 for a lower midrange phone !

    altho meizu will NO DOUBT benefit from making laptops that are powerful AND offer good budget gaming possibilities !

  • roni24

    300$ means 350$ for us customers, while you can buy a helio x20 with a tag price of 200$ final price, so they want an extra 150$ for a better camera- no thanks

    • Muhammad Yasir

      lol 360 has $160 phone (or $180 for intl buyers) with 4GB ram and helio x20 !