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Dual Camera Equipped Cool1 From LeEco & Coolpad In Pictures

by Joe 18

After LeEco invested in Coolpad, the collaboration is finally resulting into a new smartphone series. The new phone is confirmed to be called as the Cool1 and expect some pretty high-end hardware inside. Thanks to the earlier leaks, we have a good idea as to what to expect from the new flagship smartphone that will reportedly be released on August 10. Now, we have got some pictures of the Cool1 with dual cameras on board, all thanks to TENAA.

cool1 01

We can clearly see the Cool branding at the back, with the words, “LeEco inside” just below it. Plus, the dual cameras at the back are evident along with the dual tone LED flash. There is a fingerprint sensor at the back as well. This picture also confirms that the phone will come with a metal body, much like most other flagship phones this year.

cool1 03

The front is actually pretty clean, with a display and sensors + camera on top. All the buttons, including the power and volume keys are located on the right side of the phone. Seeing that the SIM tray is located on the left, it’s likely that the back is non-removable.

The specs of the Cool1 smartphone have already been leaked. It is said that the phone will come with a 5.5-inch 2K resolution display and will be powered by the Snapdragon 820 chipset. There will be 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage on board. Inside, you will get a decent 3500mAh battery as well. It is further said that the Cool1 will come with dual OS, which gives users the option of choosing between Android Marshmallow based CoolUI and EUI.

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leeco coolpad phone
previous Cool1 leak

LeEco’s phones are usually very competitively priced, so we can expect the same to be the case with the new Cool1. Plus, considering that the dual camera equipped Xiaomi Redmi Pro starts at 1499 Yuan ($224), it is possible that the upcoming Cool1 flagship is priced under 1999 Yuan to further intensify the competition in this price segment.


Well, August 10 is the date we expect to meet this new flagship, which is just a week away. So, stay tuned for more details.


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  • Adam Nazifi

    Now i see a reason why some people no matter what buy $800 phones, the competition is so fierce you dont even know which phone to buy

    • Muhammad Yasir

      lolwut !


    not cool at all, P9 and P9 plus r way cooler than this….

    • Muhammad Yasir

      overpriced crap !

  • Eni

    priced at 220, it will be way cooler than p9.

    • Muhammad Yasir


  • Alex

    This is great. Considering Coolpad is available in my country and LeEco is not.

    • Muhammad Yasir

      you’re damn lucky as hell !

      • Alex

        Unfortunately I couldn’t wait so I got a Mi5 yesterday since the prices have dropped in my country. A month ago the prices went up for xiaomi because customs seized about 10000 Xiaomi and Apple phones and they were quite hard to find. Now I think they managed to smuggle xiaomi phones because I see alot of shops selling models that are not available in my country.

        • Muhammad Yasir

          can i please know your country ?

          • Alex


            *the newest official xiaomi phone we have is a redmi note 3 pro but with 16gb. Mi5 or Mi Note was never released here.

          • Muhammad Yasir

            oh … tell me when you get redmi pro

          • Alex

            I feel like we wont get the official release of Redmi Pro, but if we do will let you know. I was talking to the shopkeeper where I bought Mi5 and he said if China gets it on the 6th then I should wait 1-2 weeks before they can smuggle it to Indonesia…lol. I can also order it from China myself but the customs tax of 25% makes it more expensive than just buying it from shop.

          • Muhammad Yasir

            smuggle is great af … wish it was that simple here too

  • Karly Johnston

    LeEco Inside… Intel needs to give them a call.

    • Muhammad Yasir

      that’d be harsh af

  • Muhammad Yasir

    Aug 10 is shaping up to be…

    THE CLASH OF ZE TITANS ! (or sort of mid-range titans :p)

  • Ivo001

    Le max 2 with dual camera and slightly larger battery it seems