POLL: What Do You Think of Xiaomi’s Trend Of Updating A Lineup With A New Model Every Few Months?

by Joel 3

We all are big fans of Xiaomi, a company which was given us so many great smartphones, from the budget segment to the high-end market. But in the past 12 months, the company has released so many smartphones in a lineup that it’s actually a bit confusing as to which model to buy.

Redmi Pro

But that’s not the worse part. What really is confusing is whether to buy the new model or wait a few months till another model in the series is launched. And from the models that have been announced in the past few months by the company, the new ones will be better than the models released before, and will cost almost the same price. So, you would probably end up getting more value for your money, if you are ready to wait.

While this means that consumers get better specced phones for their price, it also leaves the early smartphone adopters a bit disappointed. For some, the upgraded specs may not be a big deal, but for others, a slight difference in the specs would make a big difference in their buying decision.

So, we are wondering what you think is the ideal update policy for smartphone companies. Should companies update the lineup with a new model within a few months, or should they leave a gap of at least 6 months before releasing an update?

Tell us your views in the poll down below.