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LeEco Le Max 2 Price Slashed, Now Up For 1549 Yuan ($233)

by Jed John 11

The LeEco Le Max 2 seem to be getting aclearance sales, perhaps to make way for the expected Le 2S. Not too long, the Le Max 2 got its price slashed by up to $160 on OppoMart, this time around the Snapdragon 820 powered flagship has gotten a 500 Yuan ($76) price cut on online shopping mall Taobao.

Leeco le max 2

Now the Le Max 2 is available off Taobao for 1549 Yuan ($233), down from 2,099 Yuan ($315). That’s because aside the 500 Yuan initial price slash, there is also a 50 Yuan discount during purchase. So you get to pay 1549 Yuan ($233) instead of 1599 Yuan. Now, this should be the cheapest price tag we’ve seen on the Le Max 2.


The Le Max 2 happens to be the first device to sport the Snapdragon 820 flagship chipset from Qualcomm. The flagship rocks a 5.7-inch display with 2k resolution, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of non-expandable internal storage, as well as a 3,100mAh battery with support for fast charging. In addition, the dual-SIM device packs a 21MP rear camera and an 8MP selfie sensor upfront. The Le Max 2 is devoid of the 3.5mm audio jack and instead has a USB Type-C port for headphones and a host of connectivity options are available on the device.

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  • Jh1

    Too bad this didn’t have a 4000mah battery. I’d definitely consider getting one at this price

    • Hakim Farouk

      The batt is actually not bad. I have the le max 2.

      • Jh1

        Good to know. What kind of screen on time are you getting?

        • Hakim Farouk

          I’m getting about 5 hours plus of SOT on an average/high usage. Which is not bad considering that it has a 2k display (consume more batt) But the back camera lens is an issue for me. It pops out too much. The original tpu case doesn’t protect it. I had to buy a case that protects the border of the lens from aliexpress.

          • Jh1

            That’s not bad at all for a 2k screen. I’m in the 5-6hr range with my m2 note, but that’s only 1080p and mtk 6753. Thanks

  • yoselife

    still no gorilla glass 3 or above, and no FM radio
    as cheap as it can get, it does not answer my needs

    too bad- next phone please

    • Hakim Farouk

      Actually, Le max 2 uses gorilla glass 3.

  • Cynaegeirus

    link please?

    • bojan radovanovic

      It’s on Taobao, that means it’s a price in China, for rest of the world, it costs more. So, just search for it in regular stores such is Gearbest, Oppomart, BG….

      Off topic to your comment :
      Personally, i wouldn’t go for this phone… No SD card support, no 3,5mm jack… And i am traveling a lot and love to listen music while doing that. So, that makes battery life priority number 1 of all phone spec (current mid-rangers with SD SoC and 2GB of RAM makes is more than enough for me). I am using external battery pack, and with this phone (or iPhone 7 and similar) and Bluetooth headset i would loose that much on life of both 2 batteries, so i couldn’t enjoy even one full day of using my phone… That’s the reason why i just can’t expect to have phone without 3,5mm jack. SD card is something that i am missing too, but if a phone have 64 or 128GB, then i would survive…but this one doesn’t. And 32GB of storage is so easy to fill.
      ZTE Z2 have similar prica and same SoC, so that makes it better choice for me, Mi5 is little more expensive (not that much) but i’m not going for Xioami again, and there are Axton with best sound of them all, and people’s favorite One+3.
      So,rven for this price, i wouldn’t go for this LeEco.

      • Cynaegeirus

        Thanks for the reply mate

  • vamprittdeGamma

    it has no memory card slot.. if your phone died, u are doomed.. NEXT…