First Camera Sample From Xiaomi Mi 5S Is Here! Name Confirmed As Well

by Joel 7

Xiaomi will announce a new smartphone in its September 27 conference in China. There was a bit of a confusing regarding the name of the phone, but now, it’s confirmed that the new flagship will indeed be called as the Xiaomi Mi 5S. First of all, both Xiaomi’s CEO, Lei Jun and Xiaomi’s Market Leader, Tony have started posting on Weibo using the Xiaomi Mi 5S. So, it basically confirms the name. What’s more, like tradition, Lei Jun has even posted a camera sample taken from the Mi 5S, giving us the first look at the phone’s camera performance.

mi 5s camera sample from Lei Jun

Now, the image that you see below is from the Xiaomi Mi 5S without any filters. We already know that the phone will come with dual cameras at the back, so effects like bokeh should be easily produced by the phone’s camera setup. While we are unable to tell much about the camera quality of the device, the colors have come out quite well.

Mi 5S Camera Sample
Xiaomi Mi 5S First Camera Sample

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Although the EXIF data revealed just 1280 x 960 resolution for me, mydrivers seems to have got hold of the original image with the detailed EXIF data. Their data confirms that this is taken from the Mi 5S and reveals more details like shutter speed (1/750 sec), ISO 100, f/2.0 aperture, and 3264 x 2448 resolution. Even this is low resolution, but Weibo usually compresses the image file and hence, the original photo resolution should have been upwards of 12/13MP.

Mi 5S camera sample EXIF

So, what do you think about the camera sample from the Mi 5S?