iPhone 6 Plus Explodes in Student’s Pocket

by Habeeb Onawole 2

In a couple of years or less from now I expect a documentary covering exploding phones to be made with 2016 taking centre stage. The rate at which phones have exploded this year appears to be higher than others most especially with the case of the Galaxy Note 7. Although Samsung is the very unlucky one this year, other manufacturers have also had their own share.

Apple is the one in the news today as an iPhone 6 Plus belonging to a student exploded while in his back pocket. The student, Darin Hlavaty, in his words said he felt this crazy hot burning in his leg right as class was starting, only for him to see his pocket smoking and realised it was on fire. He said he was able to remove the phone and kick it away. The fire was already out before the fire service arrived and there was no reported case of an injury.

iPhone 6 Plus

Darin says he has only had the phone for six months and the battery was dead before putting it in his pocket. The only fault he said the phone has is a cracked screen (probably from sitting on it while in his back pocket?) which shouldn’t be sufficient to cause a fire.

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Keeping a phone in your back pocket and sitting on it isn’t a good idea especially for the iPhone 6 Plus that which is known for the ”Bendgate Scandal”. We presume the phone’s battery got damaged and caught fire due to the pressure exerted on it by Darin’s body. Anyway, we are glad no life was lost and Mr. Hlavaty is safe.