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Xiaomi Already Working On the Xiaomi Mi 6? Company Conducts Poll!

by Joe 16

Xiaomi unveiled three new products yesterday, namely the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 flagship, the Mi Mix concept phone and the Mi VR headset. While these three are heavy products that should keep the company busy for the next few months, Xiaomi already seems to be working on the next generation model in the Mi series, the Xiaomi Mi 6.


The company, today, reportedly released a questionnaire to its fans, asking for their opinion about the possible specifications on the Xiaomi Mi 6. The company seems to be doing this in order to know consumer expectations as well as recommendations directly from its fans.

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It looks like the Xiaomi Mi 6 will still be priced at 1999 Yuan ($300) and the display size will either 5.2-inches or 5.5-inches. The company has given its fans three preset smartphone specifications which they can choose.

PHONE A: Snapdragon 8xx chipset + 20MP camera + 4GB RAM + 32GB ROM + Light Metal Body

PHONE B: Snapdragon 65x chipset + Dual Cameras + OIS + 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM + Curved Glass Body

PHONE C: Snapdragon 65x + Dual Cameras + No OIS + 6GB RAM + 64GB ROM + Light Metal Body


All three are well-specced smartphones, but given that Mi 6 will probably be announced only around Feb-March 2017, will these specs be powerful enough at that time?

Which one would you choose among the above three options? Tell us below.



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  • Assefa Hanson

    why did people pick phone a?? you want a overpixeled camera with no OIS and a weak clocked 8xx power hungry chip that wont offer much in performance over the 65* i am speculating of course but your going to pay 300 dollars for less memory and a theoretically shakier phone :/, everyone has their preferences i suppose

    • Muhammad Yasir

      i’m WITH you bro !

    • Ionut Johnny

      They got hit in the head
      With numbers 😂

    • aryacebe

      I vote B, but the only spec that should be change I think is 65x chipset, 65x is too weak for a flagship phone.

      • Assefa Hanson

        i understand thats healthy reasoning but knowing xiaomi they might just give us the weakest possible version of the 8xx sfor a phone this cheap

  • I love the form factor of the Mi5. A negative of the Mi 5S, for me, is that it is a bit wider, taller and heavier than the Mi5. If the Mi6 is bigger and heavier still, I won’t be interested. I’d like to see it be the same size and weight as the Mi5. Unfortunately, I don’t see how they can improve on the Mi5!!

  • yy

    Snap 82x+12MP(with OIS)+4/6GB RAM+32/64GB ROM+Black body and nice battery (can be ~1 cm thick, no problem if there’s good grip). Who want this?

    • teges

      and 4,7″ display also.

      • Yossi Cohen

        720p for high performance gaming!

  • Muhammad Yasir

    fucking vote for phone B you MORONS !

  • ali201401

    Mi6 needed laser autofocus!

    All phones Xiaomi are losing the quality of images in comparison with models 2012-2013 competition’s.

    • Assefa Hanson

      someone gets it their camera performance is not up to flagship standards in recent times

  • Axdi

    Been waiting for a xiaomi phone with ois the past 3 years. Happy to the the choice available , sad it’s only on one option. If eis they use in mi note 2 is really good i would go with a otherwise b for sure. Every maker has ois exept xiaomis and it hits hard on the littl everyday things (facebook live , instagram)

  • Tassos

    Hello Xiaomi! What about Redmi 4??? Any news???

  • Guaire

    None of the above.

    32GB storage, Snapdragon 653 and camera without OIS must be a joke.

    Mi5s already is a better choice than all of those options.

  • Raky_b

    It’s understandable that they work on it, it’s not like they can start from scratch and go out with a product in just a month or two.
    But i don’t see a point of new Mi phone before next Snapdragond comes out… Mi5, mi5s and Note is more then enough… More devices would just confuse buyers.