Xiaomi Releases Piston Pro In-Ear Earphones

by Habeeb Onawole 2

Xiaomi makes a bunch of accessories for their mobile devices and earphones are a part of them. The company has released a number of earphones over the years of which the Piston series is the most popular. Today they have released the Piston Pro in-ear earphones.

Piston Pro

The Piston 3 Pro has a CNC diamond-cut aluminium sound chamber with an anodized surface and a CD pattern engraved design. The main earbuds are bent to 45° so that they fit nicely into your ears and don’t fall off.

The Piston Pro uses a combination of double coils and a moving piston to produce clear natural sounds and achieve a tri-band balance. If you head to the official page, there is an audio track that automatically plays which you can use to test out the earphones and see if you can distinguish the various background sounds on the track.

Piston Pro

The Piston Pro has three control buttons that are housed in a chamber designed like a warhead. You can switch between tracks and also play and pause with the buttons. Xiaomi has decided not to use flat wires for the earphones and there is no mention of it being tangle-free but it says the wire is made of TPE with a matte finish.

Piston Pro Controls


Xiaomi has bundled the Piston Pro with 4 sizes of silicone soft skin ear plugs that reduce ear irritation and are comfortable when you wear them.

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They will go on sale on the 11th of November, same day as the Xiaomi Mouse and sell for ¥149 ($21.99). You can buy them and they’ll work with most phones but if you own a Xiaomi phone, you should head to Audio Settings under Sound and Vibration where you can choose the type of Xiaomi earphones you have and customize it to get the best sound experience.

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