Android 7.0 Nougat Beta Update for Xiaomi Mi 5?

by Habeeb Onawole 1

It’s been a couple of months since Google released its latest version of android and based on the latest fragmentation report, Nougat is available on only 0.3% of android devices, which is pretty sad.

However a few manufacturers are already releasing beta updates for select devices before a final release is rolled out. One of those manufacturers is Xiaomi as there is already an Android 7.0 beta page on the MIUI forum for Xiaomi Mi 5. The page which is for recruiting beta testers for the new update is still not accessible to most users but one important detail gotten is that the beta update may be our first look at MIUI 9.


While this is good news for those who own the Mi 5, it is a sign that Nougat may only be available to other Xiaomi flagships like the Mi 5s, Mi Note 2, and Xiaomi Mi Mix while the other mid-range devices will remain on older versions of android, although they might get updated to MIUI 9.

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This is not surprising as it will be near impossible for a company that churns out so many phones like Xiaomi to update all their devices to the latest version of android, which is what is causing the fragmentation problem in the first place.