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Vivo Announces the Vivo XPlay 6 with Dual Curved Display & Powerful f/1.7 IMX362 Camera

by Joe 20

Smartphone makers are increasingly surprising fans at its launch event, releasing products in addition to what we expect. We know how Xiaomi managed to surprise us all with the Xiaomi Mi Mix concept phone at the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 unveiling and looks like Vivo has also done something similar at its Vivo X9 and X9 Plus launch event today. The company unveiled an additional flagship, the Vivo XPlay 6 coming with slightly upgraded features as compared to the previous generation Vivo XPlay xplay 6 display

Continuing the tradition, the new Vivo XPlay 6 also comes with a dual curved display on the front. The screen is of 5.46-inches and comes with 2K resolution. Inside, there is a surprise — Snapdragon 820. Yes, despite launching near the end of the year, the company has used Snapdragon 820 quad-core chip instead of the updated and slightly faster Snapdragon 821. There is 6GB of RAM on board and 128GB of internal storage. The battery is quite large as well, measuring 4080mAh in capacity with fast charging support. The company has somehow limited the thickness of the phone to just 5.2mm, despite this large battery.

vivo xplay 6 design

As for the camera, Vivo has made sure that the XPlay 6 comes with powerful sensors, both up front as well as the back. The flagship comes with a 12MP Sony IMX362 sensor at the back along with another 5MP secondary sensor. So, it’s a dual camera setup. The camera module comes with 4-axis OIS, large f/1.7 aperture, 1.2μ pixels, 0.03s focus, and depth of field effect, thanks to the additional camera at the back. Up front, the phone features a capable 16MP sensor with soft lights.

vivo xplay 6 specs

Vivo’s smartphones are known for its Hi-Fi audio, and the Vivo XPlay 6 is no different. The phone comes with ES9038 + 3xOPA1622 audio chip to ensure top quality audio output. Other features of the phone include an all metal body, dual SIM dual standby and new Funtouch 3.0 OS.

vivo xplay 6 price

Vivo’s premium smartphones are never cheap, and neither is the Vivo XPlay 6. The phone is priced at 4498 Yuan ($655) and will go on sale from December 12 via offline and online sales channels.

Here’s a promo video for the XPlay 6’s camera.

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  • Saku

    Ouch! Want one, but the price!

    • G’n’T

      Me too! 🙁

  • Assefa Hanson

    Damn 5. 92 mm finally battery innovation is happening but 600 dollars and that doest even have Mark up yet

    • G’n’T

      This is the probably the closest I have seen to an ideal phone for me coming from China this year Assefa but you are right, man that price!

    • Hansb

      I think it is 8.4mm, see official website.

      • Assefa Hanson

        Thanks for the tip

  • Muhammad Yasir

    who the FUCK spends that much on phones man !

    WHITE COLLAR JOBS DONT PAY $600 as starting wage !!!!

  • Freak

    Nice enough specs & design, along with impressive thickness, but yes Vivo seem to not actually want to sell any of these new devices, with that kind of pricing.

    Out of the Chinadroid manufactures only Huawei has the universal brand recognition of quality to sell anywhere near that asking price.

    • Raky_b

      Well, this device is not supposed to go out of China, and there Vivo is premium as muc as Apple and Samsung are, and their sale numbers are more then good.

      • Freak

        Vivo operate in India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, and the Philippines, and Thailand. They sponsor the Indian Premier League, so I think this phone is designed for more than just China.

        And no they aren’t anywhere near Samsung or Apple in terms of prestige, quality, features…. Only price.

        • G’n’T

          Actualy that is not correct @disqus_9jIGKFLWRq:disqus. They are regarded very highly in China. I was suprised to see so many Vivo phones in hands in Shanghai on a rent trip. They are seen as a superior brand and these prices are therefore seen as justifiable in China. Outside markets is a different matter altogether though..

        • Raky_b

          Ok, i ment they are not like One+, Xioami and many others, oriented to sell online, all over the world.
          And if they are not prestige, how do you explain that Vivo has been one of best selling brand in China, even with this prices???

    • Assefa Hanson

      Vivo is right behind huawei interms of the smartphone market, hah you think vivo quality isn’t food enough? You are certainly misinformed

  • greg

    WTF !!! , more than 650 usd? , tell me why I would buy one of this instead of OP3T or some new models from Xiaomi ?

    • Hansb

      Because more battery power, better camera and far better audio?

  • This phone really looks promising knowing the quality of Vivo. Still have my vivo Xshot. Works as new.

    • Hansb

      Still have my Xshot too, it’s really that good and even after 2+ years of heavy use I’m not tempted by new phones as I’m afraid I might become disappointed

  • Where to buy it?

  • Luis Tejada

    Xvivo is setting his new models to be one some the hottest camera smartphones for 2017: i personally was more excited about the x2 agm in the WMC17; i mean… double camera in a rugged? That will be fun to see… !

  • Roge Arias

    Xvivo is setting his new models to be one some the hottest camera smartphones for 2017: i personally was more excited about the x2 agm in the WMC17; i mean… double camera in a rugged? That will be fun to see… !