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Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime GIVEAWAY

by Linus 75

We all know that Black Friday is a huge thing in the U.S. and it has spread out throughout the world. Gearbest has some pretty good deals out there but just before you start checking them out, make sure to enter the giveaway where you can win a brand new Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime.


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Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime


The Xiaomi Redmi 4 is one of the latest budget smartphones released by the Chinese giant. We all know Xiaomi’s quality and this device is no exception. It is made entirely of metal, it is compact and has some awesome specs like Snapdragon 625 chip, 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, which is also expandable via the microSD card slot. We believe it is a great prize to win in the giveaway!


Gearbest sells all sorts of products and if you’ve been looking to buy one today is the best day to do that since there are plenty of deals on the website.


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  • Victor Jacquemont

    Yeah, visiting this website everyday. I hope i’ll win this Redmi. Thanks for your work Linus

  • princetom

    Linus, is the difference here, most others are marketers

  • Saku

    Thanks as always, Linus!

  • Adrian Popescu

    Nice Giveaway, Good luck to all.

  • Nick Ajumuka

    Great giveaway, great device I Hope it’s my lucky day.

  • Antoniusz Wspaniały

    Greetings from Poland

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    good luck all

  • Mohammad Rafiq

    awesome giveaway and Uhans also running Iphone 6 giveaway on Black Friday promotion website.
    simply spin the wheel and you can win Iphone 6 and many Uhans smartphones.

    • Muhammad Yasir

      link please @mohammad_rafiq:disqus

  • Anderson

    Awesome, I really like the redmi 4 🙂

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    Good luck!

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    Great giveaway!

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    Nice giveaway!

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    Shared! Hope I will win! 😀

  • Muhammad Yasir

    PLEASE gimme !

    i am YET to own a smartphone !

  • Adebumiti Peter Adelowo

    That Xiaomi is the leading smartphone maker in China is not in doubt. In 2016, the company astounded followers and customers alike with the release of many quality and unbeatable phones in to the market. More than any other Chinese makers, their smartphones attracted less criticism, thereby indicating their quality. From what I have seen, the Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime is no exemption to the quality of products we have now come to expect from the company.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    i have shared on twitter and google plus , LINUS !

    • Shofi’i Quraqurajava

      You da man !

      • Muhammad Yasir

        thx man … i just hope i win this ..

        i don’t have a smartphone yet


    Admirer of xiaomi since 2 years…every new product, they have raised the bar without raising the prices….shared on google+….hope to win this one.

  • Abegunde Olusola Innocent

    Hoping to win this one… Thanks for the opportunity Gizmochina

  • Tomasz

    Great Giveaway !

  • Oleg Kaniovskiy

    it’s very good

  • Felipe Emerson

    xiaomi redmi 4 is awesome…

  • manohar basavaraju

    I love this phone…. Count me in pls

  • Yaroslav Vishnyak

    it would be a nice gift if i win it. great prize.


    I love this phone……

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    Nice little giveaway 🙂

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    Thanx for the giveaway… Hope to win

  • Abdullah Habibullah

    thanks for giveaway and i joined an other giveaway where i won Uhans Smartphone U100.
    Uhans black friday promotiona and giveaway awesome.

    • Ricardo Alonso

      Stop spamming Uhans!

  • Heinz Dundersztyc

    Fingers crosssed!

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    Let it be me!

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    Let’s see…..

  • Carlos Estêvão

    Thanks for the giveaway. It will be a very good Christmas gift.

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    Awesome giveaway# thanks

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    Awesome giveaway😉

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    This would be a great Christmas present for myself ^^

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    I love the Xiaomi smartphones. Another Bung for a buck phone. Good job.


    Already entered…

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    Wis me luck ^^

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    I’m too much excited to win this flagship phone Xiaomi Redmi Note 4…
    I really hope that I win this giveaway !

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    Very nice giveaway.

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    Thanks for this giveaway, hope to win! Best of luck to all 🙂

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    Finger crossed. Wish I can win this one since my brand new Note 3 is broken

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    Xiaomi is getting better and better with every phone the company launched ✌🏻️😎

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    Nice Giveaway.. Good luck for me 😉

  • Tiago Martins

    Nice Giveaway.. Good luck for me ..;)

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    Great phone.

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    amazing phone! the best of luck!

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    When does the giveaway ends and where will the winner be announced, please?


  • Maryna Jedrzejak

    Amazing giveaway!!!!

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    Amazing giveaway!!

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    Thanks for this giveaway, i hope that comes to Brazil!!

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    Redmi 4 Prime is quite a good phone; Xiaomi is serious about quality and design – a must-have!
    … and a must-win 😛
    Good luck everybody on FB, Twitter or G+!

  • i’m in 😀

  • Andy

    I’ve been watching Xioami for quite awhile now , this may be my chance!
    Nice first edition video , good job!

  • Ruslan A. Eryemenkov

    Thank you very much for the opportunity!

  • Thanks Linus!

  • Hirant

    Great phone, it could be m daily driver

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