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Elephone & MGCOOL Official Aftersale Service Announcement

by Shine Wong 8

mgcool after-sale

As we know, MGCOOL is Elephone’s newly-established sub-brand covering intelligent wearables, mobile electronics.
Its central goal is to bring the customers a more digital way of life with the latest techs. Also, Elephone has announced this good news of MGCOOL’s establishment in the last month.
MGCOOL’s products lines will include Elephone’s action cameras series, quick chare series, mechanical keyboard series, noise-cancellation earphone, mouse, and MGCOOL smart band. Moreover, MGCOOL is developing some cool electronics, and we will release them in the near future.
From now on, the aftersale of these products will be only provided by MGCOOL, Elephone will mainly focus on smartphone business. So welcome Elephone users to contact us if you have issues about these products. MGCOOL always
The following are the products MGCOOL will include:

Please contact us MGCOOL from the following ways:

MGCOOL official service:

MGCOOL Facebook:

MGCOOL Twitter:

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  • Flavio

    I can’t wait to see what MGCOOL and Elephone are going to create for us

  • Giuseppe

    So… Now I’ll have to contact MGCOOL for these products, not Elephone.
    It’s a good thing, but I have to get used

  • Cristian Cacciatore

    It’s a wise choice. Now Elephone can focus on the production of mobile phone while MGCOOL will produce other things

  • Rocky Raja

    Seems great! This time they are well prepared. Hope MGCOOL will focus more on customer satisfaction and after sales service.

  • techi

    I hope they will take responsibilities this time. and

  • JTiG

    So they are taking over all the support for all the gadgets developed and released from elephone? hopefully, they do a better job than the main company lol

  • Maya~

    so maybe now there will be better support for the products they sell? well, hopefully that is the case and they will take care after their customers

  • Ethan

    It seems they are looking at this quite seriously, so I guess they are trying their best to take over and improve the support for their gadgets