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Apple and Samsung’s OLED Display Agreement Forces Huawei and OPPO to Make Their Own Panels

by Habeeb Onawole 6

We reported a few weeks ago that one of the next iPhone 8 models was going to feature an OLED display. It seems it has been confirmed as a recent agreement between Apple and Samsung for the supply of OLED displays is going to affect other phone manufacturers who look to Samsung for their OLED screens.

Even though Samsung and Apple usual drag each other to court, they are still business partners. The Korean giant has supplied Apple with the chips for its phones, save for the A10 which is present in the iPhone 7. Since Apple is going OLED next year, its looking at Samsung who is sort of the king when it comes to OLED displays to make the supply.

Apple OLED iPhone 8 Concept byMatteo Gentile

It is reported that the agreement will see Samsung supply Apple with 100 million panels. This huge demand will leave next to nothing for other companies who need OLED displays such as Vivo who’s recently announced Vivo XPlay 6 uses a Super AMOLED display.

In order to not be at the mercy of Samsung, the-top selling Chinese manufacturers are teaming up to get their OLED displays from other sources.

The news is that OPPO, Vivo, and Huawei are investing in Royole Corporation which is an OLED screen manufacturer known for making the world’s thinnest flexible display back in 2014. The investment will see the company scale up its production over the next couple of years.

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It is also reported that the companies are also looking at independent options. While there is still only one iPhone  model featuring an OLED display next year, the real effect will be felt when Apple decides to go full out with OLED displays in 2018.


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  • Tommi

    I wonder how OnePlus manage this problem :/

    • Zhen

      Signed contract way before Apple and Samsung struck a deal.

  • MaxPower

    Money speaks.

    These two companies have been fighting back and forth through lawsuits bringing the competition to the nastiest levels.

    Now they make a deal that basically cuts the underdogs from China.
    I’m confident that the big players from China will come out with a solution.
    It’s about time, but sooner or later they will fear Chinese technology trying to pass them

    • Free

      Where is lg in all of this, i now they have made a killing oled tv. One of the best if not the best large tv screen out there. They have there own oled technology, just look at the lg g flex. Have to tel that the super amoled screens are better then that of lg’s oled. But both are organic light emitting diode screens. Doesnt this leave a chance for lg to fil those gaps? And even maybe improve thereselfs with the smartphone screens just like they did with there tv screens.

  • Andrew P

    There is always LCD though, and it did not even reach it’s maximum potential. Look at Xperia Z5 screens, for example – they can absolutely compete with AMOLED.

  • This deal is so freaking slime you, I’ll never buy a phone from such a morally corrupt company like Apple as is. I’ll add Samsung to the list if this goes through. It’s playing both the Apple premium itard tax and taking the best panel away from android in one swoop. I don’t care if I’m watching 20p videos on a etch a sketch ffs before I ever buy a product from either company. Talk about choking out the competition, unless they can scale up production to meet demand. That probably won’t Matter anyway seeing Apple will get the best panels above other customers. My biggest hope would be a new company step up with a newer and better technology, not willing to sell out to either of those two and give a good stiff uncle eddy up the poopgina and give the advantage to the rest of the world. These companies are both price gouging whores that demand a unwarranted premium for name alone with inferior hardware/software compared to the competition. Very sad to see Google on the same path as Apple now with the pixel line. This will be my first year without a spanking new nexus and I’ll be damned if I pay 300 plus dollars extra this year to have Pixel stamped on my phone!! All they did was make a crappier 6p and stamped made by Google on it and jacked it up 300 bucks. Android just became the Apple clone with Android OS! Rip nexus, sad to see Google die along with you and any street cred or respect I may have felt for your soul so thoughtlessly sold to the share holder devils. For me? For the first year ever I’ll be using my 6p for a second year for the first time ever then I’ll be shopping for a new company that shows some respect for its followers and not out to rape the world over to make a buck in the meantime. It probably won’t be Huawei, seeing it seems to be a similar type business whose products are legends in their own minds and way overpriced. I’ll be looking along the lines of ZTE or le eco or moto/Lenovo. Even Alcatel had a Hella great product this yr! I’m not paying luxury tax on a phone without a bang for the buck. Don’t tell me that they just make better quality products, do we need to mention Samsungs fireball 7? Or any of the applegates? I’ll pick the company that is NOT making design and quality decisions strictly made by the shareholders, thanks.