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Image of Meizu Bezel-Less Phone Leaks: Body-to-Screen Ratio Higher Than Mi MIX

by Habeeb Onawole 7

After Xiaomi launched the Mi MIX, we have heard fact and rumors alike, that a number of manufacturers are planning to release their own bezel-less device. One of such manufacturers is Meizu. Initially we heard news of a Meizu device called the Meizu PRO 6 Edge with a four-curved display. We even got images of the alleged phone from the source who also said the phone will hit the shelves soon. Only for Meizu chairman, Jack Wong/Huáng Zhāng to release a statement that the company is not in a rush to release a curved-screen phone as it’s flat-surface phones are doing well.

However, today we have a leaked image of a bezel-less device said to be from Meizu and it sure looks good. The phone is completely bezel-less save for the lower part that houses Meizu’s trademark mBack button albeit in a thinner form making the lower bezel much smaller than Xiaomi’s.

Meizu Bezel-Less Phone

The screen-to-body ratio of the Meizu bezel-Less phone is assumed to be more than 91.3% and the display is expected to feature a 2.5D or 3D arc glass on top. Apart from the difference in the lower bezel, the front looks the same, even the front camera is placed in the same lower right corner as that of the Mi MIX.

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Will we get to see this device in the near future? We have no idea, but a bezel-less display from Meizu will be a good alternative if people can get their hands on it unlike the Mi MIX which is currently only available at its original price via flash sales but sells for way more if you are buying from a reseller.

Just don’t expect Meizu’s phone to sport a Snapdragon 821 processor, maybe the Helio X27 if it’s coming out soon or the Helio X30 if it is pushed to next year.

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  • Xiaomi Mi MIX+Paint+Samsung Galaxy Note 7= fake Meizu

  • GIJoe

    We need, innovate and cheap device like the MX4 was…
    Check the redmi 3s(430)+25%stronger cpu, huge battery, 720p screen+better camera (omnivision)=win

    • Assefa Hanson

      Lol why do you call yourself GI Joe LMAO

  • Assefa Hanson

    So the sharp corner r is secretly in commercial release

  • I love phones that have small bezels for maximum compactness but I’m not a fan of totally bezel-free phones. Even with small bezels I still launch some apps unintentionally. With no bezels, phones would be harder to hold with no real advantage unless you are keen on fashion statements. I’m all for functionality over fashion.

    • Wolvie

      Yupe i agree with you. And without bezel to protect the screen you have to be really (i mean really really ) careful with your smarthone. Once you drop it accidentally it means goodbye to your expensive smartphone.

      I don’t see why a couple of mm bezel also a big matter, it is just a freakin’ stupid idea and the vendor will start charging premium prices for that “bezel-les”

  • David Berry

    That looks nice. Id buy one. Just wish so.done else eohld do stylus like the note so I van drop Samsung for good after they hit the universal kill switch on my note 7. Still a great phone and ill miss it. interested to find out what they thinkbthe cause was. I believe its a combo of rushed production and design of battery internals that when not alined properly when sealing the phone can be compressed with sharp comer of the separation layers,causing them to be perforated and rupture the battery inside. Too much glue or false alignment makes it compress the layers which then can cause the failure as the 2 meet causing a rapid combustion from the chemical reaction. Under 100 phones from millions? There was something fishy about thr whole media coverage and people were dead set on making sure every one heard that samsing phones explode. Not 1 incident since they canned it yet 300000people were using them safely every day untill samsung caused carriers to cut all network access. Cmon note 8. heres wishing that this new stylus pro by lg is a step up from the current model thats only just got a fhd screen and semi decent soc after they stepped up from the previuos stylo that was not even midrange and just a thin dumb stylus on bord so not even close to flagship specs and definatly aint an s pen with wacom. Samsungs patent is almost over so maybe meizu or xiomi can give us an s pen competiter that would go with the whole note nsme they give to their bigger phones. Meixu used to be exynos powered. Samsung Not supplying thrm any more for some reason? Medis tek is making decent chips now days.