Possible Honor Magic Specification and Price Leaks: 4K Screen, Dual Cameras, and ¥9999 Tag

by Habeeb Onawole 6

The Honor Magic is one of the most anticipated phones for the year. The timing seems to be perfect, like the final act of the show before we pull the curtains on 2016. Launching in six days from now, more details are still showing up.

First is a possible pricing from online mall, JingDong who have the phone listed for ¥9999 (~$1447.62) which is really really on the high side. However, that’s not the official price but judging from the statement by analyst @Pan Jiutang in this article, we doubt the Honor Magic will sell for less than a $1000.

honor-magic-price honor-magic

Next is an image of 16 possible configurations the Honor Magic might come with. There are a number of POSSIBLE configurations the Honor magic may have like dual cameras (rear and front) and curved edges, and some we think it is just not going to have such as a foldable display. One feature on the list we are sure of is the super fast charging battery. Other specs Huawei/Honor may throw in include water resistance, wireless charging, and artificial intelligence.

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The Honor Magic is launching on Friday and is expected to feature a Kirin 950 SoC, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage and dual cameras on the front and rear but judging from the leaked image from last week, it seems it will have only a single camera in front. But if that image is a fake, I would prefer the Honor just having only a pair of dual cameras that can be used for the front too. Something similar to the Honor 7i’s camera design.