Xiaomi Wi-Fi Amplifier 2 Launched, Priced At 49 Yuan ($7)

by Jed John 0

Xiaomi has quietly launched a new version of its Wi-Fi amplifier which comes as a potable USB dongle. The Xiaomi Wi-Fi Amplifier 2 is a built-in PCB antenna which has a doubled up signal strength than its predecessor. The transmission rate is also increased to 300Mbps and has the amazing capacity of taking connections from a maximum of 16 devices connected at the same time.

Xiaomi Wi-Fi Amplifier 2

Xiaomi routers have been a highly sought after product in the router business since it was first released. This is perhaps due to their cheap price tags, portability and durable price tags. The Amplifier which is connected to the router to boost reception also comes in as a useful and highly sought after gadget. That should be a major reason for the Wi-Fi Amplifier 2.

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One good thing about the Xiaomi Wi-Fi Amplifier 2, just like its predecessor, is that it doesn’t need to be connected only to the Xiaomi router but can be connected to routers manufactured by other third party manufacturers in the market. As for the price, the second gen Wi-Fi Amplifier is just 49 Yuan ($7) and would go on sale from December 15 at 10am.

Xiaomi Wi-Fi Amplifier 2