New Version of The Mi MIX With A Lower Price Tag?

by Habeeb Onawole 3

When the Xiaomi Mi MIX launched, the phone manufacturer already explained that it will be in short supply due to the difficulty associated with the production of its ceramic body. Quite a number of people complained as to why they had to settle for a ceramic body in the first place but I guess they wanted to score top marks for design.

Now that the hype around the phone has reduced, it seems they have had a rethink about the design and might be releasing a newer version of the phone with a body that is easier to make. According to the source, the newer version of the Mi MIX will be white and will sport a glass body.

White Mi MIX

If you remember, we reported about a month ago that there was going to be a white ceramic version of the phone. There were even leaked pictures of the device. While that might have been a production sample, we don’t know if Xiaomi has totally shelved it in favor of a version with a glass body.

If Xiaomi does release the Mi MIX with a glass body, we should expect it to cost less. Xiaomi did the same when they released the Mi 5 Pro with a glass body since they had production issues when making the ceramic version of the Mi 5 Pro.

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Lynx store initially had a white Mi MIX listed for ¥3000 (~$432) before pulling the page down. Although it’s lesser than the official price of the ceramic black version which is priced at ¥3499 for the 128GB version and ¥3999 for the 256GB model, it doesn’t mean that will be the final selling price when it is available.