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Helio X30 Will Have Amazing Energy Efficiency & Will Launch in Q2 2017

by Jed John 19

MediaTek announced its next generation flagship processor – Helio X30, in September this year and it was unveiled as the world’s first mobile phone processor using TSMC 10nm process. The Helio X30 was also heralded as the first to have a tri-cluster hybrid architectural design.

helio x30

The Helio X30 was also revealed to come with specification that includs two 2.8GHz Cortex-A73 cores, four 2.3GHz Cortex-A53 cores, four 2.0GHz Cortex-A35 as well as incorporating a quad-core PowerVR 7XTP GPU. The chip also supports four groups of 16-bit LPDDR4X-1866 memory of up to 8GB, UFS 2.1 storage, 28MP camera, Cat. 10 LTE baseband capable of 450Mbps download speed and more.


In addition, the Helio X30 is said to have a higher energy efficiency, greatly improved than its predecessors. Although we had seen a supposed benchmark score of the X30 that was disappointing, the flagship chip is reputed to be as powerful as the Snapdragon 820 or SD 821.

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According to Taiwan’s Economic Daily, the X30 is scheduled for production in the first quarter of next year and would have power management IC from a subsidiary of Richtek. It is also reported that the first smartphone models packing the Helio X30 chip would hit the market in the second quarter of 2017. This is likely going to be either a Meizu, OPPO or Vivo smartphone, according to previous rumors.


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  • Fail, dual A73. This chip will lose to every competitor out there.

    • princetom

      Yea, this better be wrong,

      • Muhammad Yasir

        lel … next phone gonna be X30 for u ?

        • princetom

          Not anymore if this is true

    • Muhammad Yasir

      explain !

      • Most of the high end SoC solutions for the next year are based on powerful quad cores + 4 weak cores.

        8 cores for the Snap 830, 4 powerful, 4 weak.
        Kirin the same thing, Samsung the same thing.
        The only one competing with 2 powerful cores and a bunch of weak cores will be Mediatek.

        That weak configuration make the X20 lose to the Kirin 950 that uses 4 powerful A72s and 4 weaks A53s.

        • Muhammad Yasir

          you’re saying they should have gone Octa-core too ?
          4 A73 and 4 weak cores?

          • The rumors before said, 4 A73s, 4 A53s, 2 A35s, and that config looked so much better.

          • Muhammad Yasir

            i see …

            well , not gonna buy any X30 phone , even if i get the money to do so!

          • Still will be a good thing, the new cores are fine, but not that powerful. And its great the new GPU that its 2 times more powerful.

          • Muhammad Yasir


            ironic tho… they beef up the GPU but cut down on execution units

          • Yeah, but still will be a little behind the GPU of the Snap 820 and more in the 830.

          • Quick question for you and others that say they won’t buy as it only has 2 powerful cores with the others being weaker, what is it that you currently do on a daily basis that puts your current processor under any strain at all? I have a xiaomi MI5 and the processor runs anything I care to throw at it without an issue. Saying that I also have a mediatek redmi note 3 which also runs all my day to day apps just fine… Do you know the only time I really notice a difference between them (excluding camera and screen) that’s when I run benchmark software… Yep when I run software that is designed to push the hardware to its very limits and to give me a number that I can only assume most use to compensate for their penis size 😂 I am hoping that the x30 is as fast as the Qualcomm 820/821 yet with the touted battery improvements! Speed is already good enough, but battery life is something that we all actually need!
            Merry Christmas and an efficient new year!

        • Plumplum

          What make x20 loose is 20nm and Emmc5.1 against 16/14nm and UFS2..
          X20 wasn’t made to compete…You can’t compare 70 dollars s820 to 30 dollars x20

          Despite 20nm and Emmc, x20 even manage to beat S820 on some tasks like loading heavy games like Asphalt 8.

          Stability is the Key, I don’t think 4 Big vs 2 Big is that important…Apple use 2 Big cores for exemple…
          X20 throttle between 1.8 and 2.1ghz (without turning off Big cores like s810 or s652).
          We can imagine 2 main tasks on split screen and many other small processus in background, nothing more.

          Remember, when Mediatek launcher octocore with only LITTLE cores…everybody laughing at thème…Now all are doing the sale!

          We must waiting for tests, x30 could be a very good surprise.
          Mediatek does the best 20nm CPU with x27 but switch the 16nm…Now they will use 10nm like others, I’m confident.
          First tests of Helio P20 seems to be impressive in 16nm with only A53…

          In my opinion x30 could be faster in real use than s835

          • Apple cores are enormous.

            Yeah, i guess.

            The new GPU will make the things better. And give good scores in benchmarks. But probably will be behind the S820 and S821 scores.

          • Plumplum

            Yes Apple cores are enormous 😉

            Beware of oversized GPU such as maliT880mp12 and Adreno 530.
            Textures engines provides top benchmarks. But oversized GPU lead to throttling on whole GPU including geometry.
            Games can be smoother on a Kirin 950 with maliT880mp4 than mp12 or Adreno 530 (even Real Racing 3 which is rendered in 1080 even on QHD screen).
            That’s strange, but that’s real.
            Real games use less textures and than Benchmarks.
            You can see Mali450mp6 (Amlogic S812 I tested a few month ago) gets better scores than T760mp2 (mt6752 I use every day) or t820mp3 (Amlogic s912 I’m testing since a month) when every games I try run far far better on T760 and t820.
            …and online reviews often forget to talk about gfxbench “long Term Performances”
            People trust to much in benchmarks without any analysis.

            Problem on x20 is that t880mp4 in 20nm is often unstable when t880mp4’s stability is great in 16nm on Kirin 950.
            Stability is really the key…with 20nm, x20 wasn’t made to compete

            X30’s GPU will be as powerfull as s820/821 in benchmarks…
            If stable, maybe it will compete with S835 in real use.

          • Xiaolu

            X30 might or not be faster than 835, but your answer seems more reasonable to me than saying ‘4 cores better than 2’. For someone coming from a OnePlus One, that 4 cores (835, Exynos, 970) won’t offer enough good performance-price ratio. I’d buy X30 hands down!

          • Plumplum

            X30’s Price will not be the same as X20…
            You will not find smartphones that cost 160dollars with X30 like you did with X20…
            Mediatek says devices will cost between 300 and 500…

            Far heavier GPU
            UFS storage compatibily…
            All that stuff will raise the cost

          • Xiaolu

            Any thoughts about the Bluboo R1 (yet to come) price? I mean, X30, IP68, 4 GB/64 GB, wireless charging, 7150 mAh Sony battery (and camera)… seems nice, but you can’t ask for USD400 having a competition like it has (apart from the durability features) out there.