Samsung to Reveal Galaxy Note 7 Investigation Results This Month

by Habeeb Onawole 0

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 catastrophe is something Samsung will want to bury as soon as possible but they will have to wait a little while before they can do so. South Korean newspaper, JoongAng Ilbo says the company will release to the public by the middle of the month, the results of its investigations about the phone.

 Galaxy Note 7

While the most plausible cause of the explosions circulating around is the design of the battery, Samsung’s investigation covered all possible causes.

After the first set of explosions were recorded, Samsung issued a recall in affected regions except for the ones in China whose batteries were reported to have been made by a different company and didn’t have the same issue. Things got worse when replacements given back to owners started to burst up in flames. It got so serious that airlines banned the Galaxy Note 7 from being taken aboard flights.

Exploded Galaxy Note 7

Research by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission revealed that the Note 7’s battery was too big for the phone and was being compressed by the body resulting in the positive and negative terminals of the battery coming in contact with each other and¬†causing it to overheat and then explode.

The second spate of explosions led Samsung to throw in the towel and issue a worldwide recall and provide a refund or replacement with a different Samsung phone. Some owners who weren’t affected refused to turn their phones in and Samsung had to take measures by releasing updates initially preventing the phone from charging beyond a certain level and then another update to make the phone unusable all in a bid to have them return it.

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is still regarded as one of the best android phones ever made and quite a number of tech reviewers still picked it as their favorite device of 2016. It is sad that such a wonderful device had to suffer such a fate but it will also prompt other manufacturers to take extra care to avoid a similar fate.

Samsung is currently focused on the Samsung Galaxy S8 right now and is doing all it can to win its fans back.