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ZTE Hawkeye is ZTE’s Crowdsourced Smartphone, Now Up For Pre-order at $199

by Jed John 1

Few months back, ZTE decided to go in the direction of crowd-sourcing funds for its smartphone project. Xiaomi has successfully been exploiting that avenue in China to release a barrage of smarthome products. But ZTE’s model was initiated on Kickstarter in the US and is labelled Project CSX. Now, ZTE has used the opportunity of CES 2017 to unmask the device and it goes by the name- ZTE Hawkeye.

ZTE Hawkeye

Aptly named Hawkeye, the phone prides in its visual ease it brings to the table. First of all, the phone has a adhesive body that can stick on a wall, glass and other surfaces, thus allowing the user some level of hands free operation. The adhesive back may be in form of a removable casing in the long run, so you get to remove it when it is not needed. Even if it turns out to be in form of a casing, it won’t remove a bit from the cool design we see on the device.

ZTE Hawkeye

More amazing is the Senseye feature which allows you to scroll down and navigate through websites on the phone by eye movement. The Senseye uses the front camera to track the eye motion and then translate it to a software command like scrolling up, down, left or right. It is accurate at up to three lines.

ZTE Hawkeye

The phone is still a work in progress as the company has not fixed a date when it would be officially launched. But in line with Xiaomi’s crowdfunding pattern, the ZTE Hawkeye is up for pre-order, apparently in a bid to rake in more funds for final mass production. The pre-order is ongoing on Kickstarter and the price is just $199. That might likely be a price tag for the early birds , so it is not certain if that would be the final price on launch day.

ZTE Hawkeye

There is a dearth of details about the specifications and features of the Hawkeye but at least we know what the device looks like now and a few specs have popped up on the Crowdsourcing website. What we also know is that the ZTE Hawkeye sports a rear mounted fingerprint sensor in addition to other features that are not yet revealed. Sure, we are likely to get a decent chip, RAM size and storage capacity on the device, considering the Senseye software feature already inside.

ZTE Hawkeye

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According to the details, the ZTE Hawkeye sports a 5.5-inch FHD display and dual rear cameras with enhanced image and zoom capabilities. It is a dual SIM smartphone that supports multiple bands, meaning it is already unlocked for use anywhere in the world. The device is also touted to pack a large battery with quick charging capabilities.There is also a Hi-Fi audio on the device as well as an expandable memory. The size of the memory isn’t revealed yet, as well as the processor onboard. The device runs the latest Android 7.0 Nougat OS and it is upgradable to the latest version when available.

ZTE Hawkeye

Already, three different colors have been spotted which includes black, blue and green but since it is likely going to use a plastic finish, the final colors might be broadened in the long run. Even at just the three colors exhibited, the Hawkeye looks quite attractive, with a design that heralds ZTE’s ability to design sleek, beautiful handsets, all for just $199 USD. You can check out the video teaser from down below showing how the Senseye and adhesive features work. Also, do follow Gizmochina’s CES 2017 Hub for latest CES 2017 update.


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