Kehan Cubecam Review

by Linus 1

We usually use action cameras to capture some great moments on the go, without the need to use the DSLRs or the phone’s camera. However, the pocket cameras are even smaller and sometimes they may be more convenient to use. We came across the Kehan Cubecam that is one of the smallest cameras you can find. Learn more in our full review.


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In the box, you can find all the stuff you need to get started: instruction manuals, USB cable and a clasp that allows you to attach the camera to your clothes or other objects.



When it comes to the design, Kehan Cubecam is made of a quality plastic material and the surface has a textured finish.


The camera sensor has not been specified by manufacturer but it has the aperture of F/ 2.5 and 120˚FOV.

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On the top, there is a shutter key, which has a built-in dual-color LED flash.


On the left, you can find a power on/off switch, which also doubles as a wifi button. Right next to it, we have the mode button, which simply allows you to switch from picture taking to video shooting modes.



Finally, we have a microSD card slot and the micro USB port.



Using the camera is very simple. You just select the mode and click the shutter button. The later button will be blinking to indicate the video recording.

Since the Kehan Cubecam does not have a display, connecting it to your phone is a great idea if you want to frame your shot.

In order to do that, you have to download the Kehan app, which is pretty simple to use but it seems that it is not in its final version since there are some bad English translations and not too many features. Within the app, you can adjust some settings and choose from different shooting modes. Also, you can adjust the resolution. One of the key features is the live streaming mode. However, I could not make it work no matter how hard I tried.


When it comes to the image quality, it is underwhelming. In fact, it is even worse than most of the cheap action cameras that are half the price. The images lack in detail, sharpness, there is a ton of noise etc.

The camera shoot videos at 1080/15fps, which is makes the footage unusable for me. Therefore, I suggest you going with 720p (it is even recommended by Kehan to use it).

Still, the video quality does not impress. Most importantly, the files are saved in .rec file format, which is rarely used. Even the VLC player could not play it. All my attempts to convert the videos to .MP4 files failed.



When it comes to the battery life, I was able to use the camera for just above 90 mins, which is way less than manufacturer’s claims of 2.5h of continuous use.



The Kehan Cubecam is a tiny, lightweight and one of the tiniest cameras I’ve tested. The idea of it seems nice but the implementation is far from perfect.

Sure, the Cubecam does most of the things it is being advertised for but both image and video quality disappoints. Also, the battery life is not as good as advertised.


Finally, for the price of $99 it seems a bit too pricey for what it offers and some cheap action cameras may be a better buy, even though they are not as compact as the Cubecam.

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