Andoer G1 Review: A Nice Little Camera

by Linus 0

It’s not every day we review cameras but we came across the Andoer G1. At the first glance, it is hard to believe that it is a camera due to its very small footprint. On the other hand, it can shoot videos in 1080p and it has some other nice features. Learn more in our full review.

Thanks to for sending Andoer G1 for a review.

Andoer G1 Review: UNBOXING

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The camera ships with quite a few accessories that include 4 different mounting cradles: the one with a suction cup, with a magnet, sticker and a clip.

Andoer G1 Review: DESIGN



The very first thing you are going to notice is that the camera is very small and it easily fits even into the smallest pockets. We have an 8MP sensor that can also shoot videos up to 1080p.

20161020_171121 20161020_171136

There are just a couple of buttons – the on/off switch and the shutter key.


There is a micro USB port for charging and the microSD card slot (takes cards up to 128GB).


I like the design and build quality of this camera but the glossy back panel not only attracts fingerprints easily but it is prone to scratches.

Andoer G1 Review: IMAGE QUALITY

The Andoer G1 takes decent-quality daylight images for such a tiny camera. However, most of shots have inaccurate-looking colors and the pictures look overexposed.

The quality decreases dramatically in low-light and the photos look grainy and there is lots of noise.

Download full resolution camera samples

Andoer G1 Review: VIDEO QUALITY

I would say that the 1080p video quality looks pretty good and it kind of exceeded my expectations. However, the video quality suffers from inaccurate color rendition, there is quite a bit of jelly effect. The worst thing about the video is that the sound recording quality is poor.

Download full resolution camera samples

Andoer G1 Review: APP

You can connect the Andoer G1 camera to your phone using Wifi and the NeoMe app. I didn’t have any connectivity issues. The best thing about the app is that you can use your phone as a viewfinder to frame the shot. However, the app is pretty slow to respond once you switch between different camera modes. Also, it crashed a few times once I wanted to open up the gallery.

Andoer G1 Review: BATTERY LIFE


The camera ships with the 400mAh battery and I could get just over 1 hour of video recording out of it, which is a decent result considering the size of the camera.

Andoer G1 Review: CONCLUSIONS


Andoer G1 is the tiniest camera I have ever had and I had a lot of fun using it.


It is so compact that you can basically put it wherever you want thanks to the supplied different mounting brackets.


Also, the image and video quality is pretty good in daylight and the battery life is okay.


However, you have to know that the low-light camera performance is not so great, the video suffers from the jello effect and the sound recording quality is poor. Finally, the back panel of the camera is prone to scratches.


At the end of the day, the Andoer G1 is still the little camera I’m going to use for fun as it does most of the things right but hopefully, it may improve with the future firmware updates.