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Real image of Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaks: Tough Competition for Xiaomi Mi MIX

by Habeeb Onawole 17

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is going to play a major role in helping Samsung salvage a large chunk of its reputation. While the whole world is eager to know and see what Samsung is planning, the company is trying its possible best to prevent further details from leaking. But we do not think it’s recording much success as what is said to be a real image of the upcoming phone surfaced online recently.

The image is of a Samsung phone with gold chrome bezels that are considerably smaller than what you have on the S7 and S7 Edge. The physical home button is also absent and the display is curved on both sides. It doesn’t look like the S8 could get any realer than this and Xiaomi’s Mi MIX better prepare for some competition.

Galaxy S8 Real Image

Rumors going round say the Galaxy S8 will feature 8GB of RAM which is double that of last year’s flagships; and also have UFS 2.1 storage. There is also mention of it being available in two sizes: a 5-inch variant and a larger 6-inch model presumed to be called the Galaxy S8 Plus and probably aimed at fans of the Galaxy Note series.

The image above shares some design similarities to a render( below) that was leaked earlier although we would have loved this leak more if it were black.


Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date

Samsung usually announces its flagship during Mobile World Congress but this year is going to be different. It is expected to delay it further by a couple of months and hold a separate launch event for it in New York.

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Latest report from Samsung’s home country says the Galaxy S8 will be released on the 18th of April although an unveiling ceremony will have been carried out in Late March or Early April before the April 18 Global release. A separate report also says that Samsung will start mass production of the phone in March which sounds pretty late if it is indeed going to be released in April. Do note that the dates have not been confirmed so you might want to take this with a pinch of salt.

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  • greg

    It is chinese language on the screen of that image ?

    • Chinatech

      I kinda feel like this is either a photoshop or a chinese phone that’s trying to get hype by calling it samsung. that way people look at it thinking its samsung so more people will give feedback on the look

  • Wolvie

    If samsung price is so much higher and Xiaomi can provide enough stock availability for its Mi MIX (and start selling to all oversea countries with same price as china) then we already know who is the winner.


    • Raky_b

      For a price difference you would get Warranty and build quality… And MIX is not that cheap then Samsung’s devices.

      • RIP Samsung

        It kinda is. $580 for the best Mi Mix. Meanwhile the worst S7 will cost you about the same off contract. Even Galaxy S6 stil costs $400 and it is ancient compared to Mi Mix.

        • Raky_b

          S7 400$, edge 550$!!!!
          Even less on contract.

          • RIP Samsung

            Now you can even get S8 for that cheap thanks to buy one get one offers and $200 discounts. Guess they can’t even give those things away.

            Even right now 9 months after its release the cheapest you can get Mi MIX is $477 for the lowest end model.

            So I was wrong and I will admit it. It is refreshing to see a Galaxy phone priced the right way. At half the price plus a $200 discount even the highest end S8+ ends up only being $325 which reflects its build quality and performance. Of course that’s bad news for Samsung since they reported that it costs them $307 just to make one of these things.

      • Mohinder

        You’ll definitely need that warranty with Samsung’s build quality. But if price difference is higher for poorer quality why would you get it? $500 for a all ceramic can’t even scratch it can’t even dent it super phone is so much more cost effective than a $800 POS that’s already getting tons of discounts just to get it off shelves.

    • Xiaomi fan

      Xiaomi is already branching out but that doesn’t help us since they are playing it smart and going to high growth markets not saturated markets. They just announced that the mix is going to the emirates and north africa.

      • Xiaomi Fan2!

        It officially released to Russia too! Spasiba Xioami!

  • Not bad.
    But I don’t like Samsungs. The colors are too fake, they always feel so plasticky, people seem to always shatter their screens (seriously, I’ve had a dozen of different Chines phones and I never broke a screen! (I got rid of them because I like to change things up)).
    But I’ve got to admit. If I would get to design a 2017 realizable phone, it might end up something a little like this.
    Though, currently I’m in love with the Huawei Mate 9 Pro. Need to figure out imports from Scandinavia for sure.

  • Lucky Ayer

    No fingerprint

  • Mi Mix is not worried

    Not a competition for Xiaomi. Those aren’t zero bezels. That’s just an ugly and useless curved screen. Look at one of the angled images that got leaked and you can see how big those bezels are. Plus even if it looked good it won’t after it explodes. Don’t forget that super duper feature of modern galaxy phones.

    • hold mycurves

      and those curves are still making it hard to hold coz palm rejection is bad on samsung.

      • Palm

        The curved screen display was always just a stupid fad. It doesn’t do anything to make the device better or boost performance. There’s nothing it can do that a flat screen can’t. It really is time for that “innovation” to crawl in a hole a die. Too bad for Xiaomi since they have one too.

  • booger

    Months after Galaxy S8 released and not only can you buy one get one but they’ll give you a $200-480 rebate on it. What’s Mi MIX at? Biggest discount it has ever gotten so far is about $35.

    Ding ding.

    I think its time to call it.

    • Sam

      You think it’s time to call it? Buddy where you been? Mi MIX is all the rage. Everybody that knows about smartphones knows that S8 and LG G6 are just copycats but both of them suck. There’s even a guy on youtube that’s like most people might tell you S8 or G6 are the best bezelless phones but that’s just because they didn’t see the MIX yet. FYI they saying Note 8 is going to be bezelless too. Guess Samsung is really trying to cash in on Xiaomi’s innovation. But they in for a fight. Mi MIX 2 is coming soon!