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Xiaomi Mi Router HD With Up To 8TB of Storage Unveiled at CES

by Habeeb Onawole 4

One of Xiaomi’s launch at CES today included a new wireless router called the Mi Router HD. The new router is a huge upgrade to Xiaomi’s previous routers. It sports a new design, color, larger storage capacity and of course a higher price tag.

The Mi Router HD features a black aluminium alloy housing and sports 4 high-gain PCB antenna array (double that of the last model released back in 2015). The router has a Qualcomm IPQ8064 network processor and can reach up to 2600Mbps transfer speeds. Xiaomi has also increased the hard drive capacity to 8TB but if you don’t require that much space, you can settle for the 1TB model.

Mi Router HD

The Mi Router HD can now sync with Dropbox and keep a copy of your files for easy access. You can also pair it with your Sonos audio system for local audio playback. Xiaomi says more features will be rolled out for the router later.

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Xiaomi’s Mi Router HD will be released in China later this quarter and will be priced at below $200 for the 1TB model and below $500 for the 8TB model.

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  • agunrunner

    I had a mi router it said it was gigabit but was not,i was paying for 100gbit per second but it could only do 12gbits per second,it was also only in Chinese I would not buy a mi router again

    • BotondKisKovacs

      A 100 megabit per second (not giga) connection, which is a standard broadband connection in most places, allows 12 megabytes per second (bytes not bits) of transfer, that is the number you would see when downloading something. 1 byte = 8 bits. Know your units before saying stupid things. Your router worked fine, you had maximum possible speed on that connection.

    • Maczuga

      As the previous person said – you had 100Mbit/s (mega, not giga lol), so max transfer is 12MB/s (notice the difference from bit to uppercase B which means byte).

  • Achilles

    Does it support vdsl connections?
    I have a tp-link at the moment, it’s not bad but not something spectacular.