The uArm Swift and Swift Pro Wants to Be Your Robotic Assistant

by Habeeb Onawole 0

A technology startup called UFACTORY based in Shenzhen, China wants to put miniature robotic arms in your homes. Their product called the uArm Swift is not just a regular robotic arm that is already pre-programmed from the UFACTORY but one that can learn new tasks.

The uArm Swift is not the company’s first product actually, some of you might have heard of them back in 2014 when they launched the uArm Acrylic. Their new product has been in the works since 2015 and is expected to ship this year.

Uarm swift & pro main photo

What is the uArm Swift and what can it do?

The uArm Swift is an open sourced Arduino-based desktop robotic arm “whose capabilities depends on your creativity”. Available in two variants: the uArm swift and uArm Swift Pro, both versions are made from square aluminum alloys and have a 4-axis parallel-mechanism structure. The uArm Swift can be programmed to do a number of tasks from light painting to laser engraving to 3D printing and even to pick up drinks and serve to guests.

You can also teach the robots new tasks in a different number of ways:

  • There is an offline mode where you guide the robot’s arm to do what you want and it records it to memory. Or the gesture mode where the robot mimics your hand movements to perform tasks.
  • There is also the uArm Studio, a Blocky-based graphical program that you can use to control the robot.

If you are wondering what the differences between the Swift and Swift Pro are, you should take a look at the images below:

uArm Swift and uArm Swift Pro uArm Swift and uArm Swift Pro 3

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The uArm Swift and Swift Pro are currently on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. Depending on the variant, additional accessories, and units you need you can spend from $209 to $1599. Shipping is said to begin in April and should be completed to all backers by May.

uArm Swift and uArm Swift Pro 2