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Huawei Executive Says 4GB of RAM is Enough, 6GB/8GB RAM is a Waste

by Habeeb Onawole 8

Last year, Vivo released the Xplay 5 Elite as the first 6GB RAM smartphone in the world. Just before the year ran out, we saw other manufacturers including Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus, and Xiaomi release their own smartphones with 6GB RAM. Now the race is on for 8GB RAM smartphones. The big question is do we really need such a large RAM on our smartphones? A Huawei executive doesn’t think we do.

The Huawei executive took to his Weibo page (@HW  Lao Shi) to express his opinion on phones with large RAMs. According to him, 4GB of RAM is enough for a phone to run smoothly. He says tests have shown that Huawei phones with 4GB of RAM (paired with the Kirin 960) perform better over time compared to the competition with 6GB of RAM. The key, is actually in the optimization of the operating system and he cites an example with how iOS doesn’t need a large RAM to run smoothly.

Huawei RAM

He goes on to say that the competition between manufacturers to release phones with the largest RAM can be likened to the nuclear arms race between USA and USSR during the Cold War.

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Adding that extra 2GB or 4GB of RAM drives up the cost of the phone, and the cost is borne by the users who pay for such phones. Lao Shi isn’t saying 6GB RAM phones are bad, Huawei itself has a couple of 6GB RAM phones but he just doesn’t believe it is necessary.


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  • Noah

    Few years ago they said the same thing about Quad HD display….but look at now…
    I’m not surprise if they’ll launch their phones with 6GB or 8GB of RAM in the future…

    • balcobomber25

      Quad HD is still a waste of resources for most people. It offers up marginally better picture quality at the expense of using more battery/power. It’s only useful application is in VR, which has never really taken off and has become a niche experience.

      • Noah

        I agree with you. But Huawei must not make the same statement saying that 6 or 8gb of ram are useless. We never know in 2 ot 3 years from now, maybe flagship REALLY NEED that kind of ram in near future for another breakthrough functions.
        Just like 2K screen, 2 or 3 years back, it was really stupid, draining battery. But now, VR experience depends on that 2K screen…

        • balcobomber25

          As of the day they made that statement there is no need for 6 or 8GB of ram, if in the future it is needed they will amend their statement. 2K still isn’t needed by most people, VR hasn’t caught on the way the industry thought it would. Most people have tried it out and never really used it again.

    • kakek

      Now their flagships ( mate 9 and P10 ) still have 1080p screens. Seems to me that they stuck by their words.

      • Noah

        Go check out their Honor Note 8 and Honor V8

  • Zero

    Right now is everything about optmization. However it will change in 2 years with 4K… Unless Huawei uses EDRAM or HBM on their GPU

  • morgs640

    For the time being he is right.