News from Around the Galaxy: Note 8 is Codenamed “Great”, Refurbished Note 7 Heading to South Korea

by Habeeb Onawole 1

If you are not aware that there is going to be a Galaxy Note 8, then you need to move out from under that rock. Initially there were speculations that Samsung was done with the Galaxy Note series following the sad and early demise of the Galaxy Note 7. However, that rumor was put down when President of Mobile, Samsung Electronics, Koh Dong-jin announced over a month ago that there will be a Note 8 (Samsung might want to add II to the name since there is already a Note 8).

Following that announcement, we heard rumors of the upcoming device and even learnt its codename is “Baikal” but new report says that is incorrect. The source says the Galaxy Note 8 actually goes by the codename “Great”. Yes, something “Great“ is coming your way from Samsung this year.

The source also revealed the model number of the Galaxy Note  8 is SM-N950F (European variant). The Note 7’s model number is SM-N930 but the Koreans consider the number 4 is unlucky, that’s why they are skipping it.


The other part of the news is that there is a chance Samsung is working on selling refurbished units of the Galaxy Note 7 in its home country. The device is expected to go by the model number SM-N935 and codenamed Grace R(Refurbished).

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Previous reports said Samsung has considered the Indian market as a possible destination for refurbished units of the Note 7. However, a Samsung India executive has disputed the news, saying the company has no intention of doing so.

At the moment, there are close to 3 million Note 7 units in Samsung’s possession. Disposing them is going to be difficult and the only possible way to do so without adding to the already high amount of electronic waste in Asia is if they can be refurbished and re-sold.

There is no confirmation yet about the Note 7 being re-sold in South Korea yet, but if it happens, other countries might be open to allowing Samsung do the same in their own countries too.