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Samsung Exynos vs Qualcomm Snapdragon: Why Exynos Still Isn’t Commercial

by Jed John 8

Samsung manufactures the Exynos chip which directly rivals the Snapdragon chip manufactured by US chipmaker Qualcomm. It is obviously a cost-saving measure for smartphone makers to have their own chip. Apple does that with its own A-series lineup, Huawei has got the Hisilicon Kirin range and then Chinese phone maker Xiaomi just joined the fray with its own Surge S1 chip which made ts debut recently on the Mi 5C. Despite the cost-saving nature of having its own Exynos chip, do you ever wonder why Samsung doesn’t use the Exynos chips on all its models? Or why the Korean giant doesn’t commercialise the powerful chip? Read on.

As it stands, the Exynos chips usually make their way to Asia and Europe while the US gets a Snapdragon variant, although sometimes these things change. Despite the fact that Samsung’s Exynos chips have always been shown on benchmark tests to be a little more superior than their Qualcomm contemporaries, Samsung may never be able to market this chip to other smartphone manufacturers. We rarely hear of other brands packing Samsung chips except recently on the Meizu Pro 6 Plus which used an Exynos 8890.

Samsung being the largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world, cannot meet its own demands for chips but even if thy were able to satisfy their needs, they cannot commercialise their chip. It has now been revealed that Samsung actually tried to sell its Exynos chipsets but Qualcomm blocked the smartphone giant. This was revealed by a report released by the Fair Trade Commission which accused Qualcomm of abusing its market power. Qualcomm does this through its stronghold in the 3G and 4G patent it controls.  With these patents, Qualcomm was able to get Samsung to sign a license deal which prevents Samsung from selling modems and integrated chipsets for the next 25 years.

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Qualcomm has been on the receiving end of accusation regarding anti-competitive practice. Now that this resolution is coming out from the Korea-based commission, it is hoped Qualcomm’s excesses could be curtailed in order to create a more competitive market. Who knows, we may find another which would dwarf the Snapdragon.


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  • Axes

    you got it all wrong…here in EU we have Exynos, not SD…from what I know, only US market has Samsungs with SD

    • Joe

      You are right, we have fixed it.
      Also note that apart from the US, Snapdragon powered Galaxy S flagships also launch in markets like China and Japan (these two markets have SD820 Galaxy s7).

  • Oacar

    “We rarely hear of other brands packing Samsung chips except recently on the Meizu Pro 6 Plus which used an Exynos 8890.” This is partly true as not many brands use the exynos but Meizu have always used the exynos in their flagship models consistently.

  • David Berry

    Goid article but Meizu have used exy now chips for all their flagship till recently half jumping into the mark world with every other phone manufacturer now.even samsung s been linked to mtk chip’s & with their huge gains lately in both power &efficiency its not suprising the likes of sony lg meizu & Xiaomi are happy to put them in htcs neighbor meditek. Also correct on the qc sd vs exynos variant & which region gets what. Here in oz the early s&notes had exy then dragons from note 3up to Qualcomm got caught out on the jump to 64bit & falied with the early versions of the 810 & even the 2nd version while much improved still downclocked itself. The note 5 s6 ended up with the exy worldwide as samsung had been toying with the big little hexa &octa thing for yrs & from then on all our flagship have been exynos which suits me just fine as they have a lot of plus’es over the dragons imo. Battery life.root.& ive yet to encounter ram management issues after a yr on a note 7&s 7 . As long as you have phone set right your apps or games will remain ever you left them. Idk how many folks need open at once but its the exy has taken all 10 or 15 apps ive thrown at it. Graphic intensive games & drawing apps among the usual suspects like browser playstore ebay etc. I hope we stick with the exy in the note8 (or s8write) as it may end up being named after the 7fail. I have 2 n7s that work as good as the day the came out the box. Still better than the s7e even though it has N finally which I pinstalled out box so no excuses for cached data causing problems. The s7e after the update is just pretty much a note 7without stulus now. I dont like the no individual app power monitoring. Thanks google. Let the decent folks get that info but be more secure. Can’t be too hard to arrange can it?

  • Sauryadeep Pal

    Yet, Samsung is in charge of producing Qualcomm’s latest chip and probably will be for the next two years, given their advancements in SoC fabrication technologies. Oh, the irony.

  • Justin

    This is why I dont support Samsung anymore, the U.S. gets the weaker chip but is still expected to pay the same price

    • Ermanius


  • Fox Hunter

    Boycott qualcomm, no to patents trolls like qualcomm!! I have never bought a qualcomm chip smartphone and i never will!! Samsung should dump qualcomm and switch to other chips like mtk or even kirin. Or even better samsung should stop producing qualcomm chips and use all their capacity to produce enough exynos chips for their entire phone lineup, that way they will never need those overpriced snapdragon junk ever again!!!