Xiaomi Mi Headphones Light Edition Now Available in Orange and Mint Green

by Habeeb Onawole 1

The Xiaomi Piston line is definitely Xiaomi’s most popular earphones but not everyone knows they also make headphones. Last year they released the Xiaomi Mi Headphones Light Edition which is a cheaper variant of the Mi Headphones released back in 2015.

The Mi Headphones Light Edition was originally released only in white but they it is now available in orange and mint green. That brings them to three color variants. The new colors are pretty and will appeal to the younger generation.

Mi Headphones Light edition

The headphones are designed to cover the ears completely, eliminating outside noise. The earmuffs are made of PU leather so you might want to clean them once you notice you are sweating. The plastic parts are made of food grade silicone and the wire is made from TPE. All the materials are durable and said to be skin-friendly.

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The Mi Headphones Light Edition has controls on the left which you can use to change tracks, pause playback and answer calls. Xiaomi says the price remains ¥199 ($29) and it will go on sale during the Mi festival which will hold on April 6.