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Rumor Mill: Meizu Partnering with Texas Instruments to Develop Its Own Processor

by Habeeb Onawole 8

Last month, Xiaomi joined the small circle of phone manufacturers with in-house chips with the Surge S1 octa-core processor. The launch of the chip saw the number of Chinese phone manufacturers with its own SoC rise to two. However, rumor has it that Meizu might be the third musketeer.

It is said that Meizu is working with American company, Texas Instruments to develop its own chip. Texas Instruments itself is no longer involved in the business of mobile chip manufacturing. In September 2012, the company announced it was shutting down production of its OMAP processors designed for smartphones and tablets. Nevertheless, it still has vast experience in the field of chip design, and how to solve stability and heat management issues.

Meizu has not confirmed the news yet though but it may face some challenges ahead. It is said that part of the reasons why Texas Instruments withdrew from the mobile chip race was due to its inability to develop baseband technology that rivaled that of its competitors. Meizu will need to find a way to scale that hurdle though.

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Some are of the opinion that Meizu doesn’t need to develop its own chip seeing as it has settled with Qualcomm. But with the issues Mediatek is currently facing with the Helio X30′ production, it might have a good reason to do so.


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  • AbdulB1


  • Assefa Hanson

    Here we go again time for me to research what baseband means

    • Muhammad Yasir

      tell us too !

  • balcobomber25

    This could actually be a pretty big move for Meizu and a blow to Hauweii and Samsung. A lot of the technology used in HiSilicon Kirin and Samsung Exnyos chips is licensed from Texas Instruments. TI has been looking for a partner for a few years now to get their own chips into a phone.

    This is pretty much where the market is headed though, every major Chinese company will eventually have it’s own chips. It’s only a matter of time until BBK follows suit.

    • MaxPower

      Our friend Lazar will be happy. He was a fan of TI

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        • MaxPower

          How’s​ he doing? Is he still arguing with RealJJJ about benchmarks?

          • Muhammad Yasir

            lol , saw him a few weeks back

            Realjj is MIA , so no arguments there :p