Meizu Might Be Working on Optical Fingerprint Recognition Technology Like Apple

by Habeeb Onawole 0

The next evolutionary step for fingerprint scanners is a move from being in front of the phone below the screen, or on the back or even on the side like in Sony phones to being right under the display. This is different from the Xiaomi Mi 5s’ ultrasonic fingerprint scanner that is embedded under the front glass but still has the display above it.

In this case, the display extends through the scanner. The image below gives you an idea of what it looks like though without the indentation.

Apple is in the forefront of adopting the optical fingerprint scanner technology for its iPhone 8. However, it appears Meizu is also planning on doing the same. A screenshot of an article forwarded by Meizu’s  VP, Li Nan to a group of friends is said to be the hint. The article is on Apple’s optical fingerprint program and sources say those in the group are involved in the development of fingerprint technology (for Meizu).


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Li Nan says in the message that this is the new trend for fingerprint scanners. It remains to be seen when Meizu will release a phone with the new fingerprint technology but we’ll keep our ears on the ground for further information.