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Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Spotted On GFXBench, Likely Sporting the Unannounced Snapdragon 660

by Joe 14

Xiaomi Mi 6 has taken all the attention of Chinese mobile fans in the past few months. But if you are looking for a bigger update, in terms of the screen size, we might have something interesting today — the yet to be announced Xiaomi Mi Max 2. 

The Mi Max 2 model seems to have gone through the GFXBench benchmarking app under the code name Xiaomi Oxygen, revealing all the basic specs of the device. First of all, we know the phone is from the large phablet series mainly because of its supersized 6.4-inch 1080p display as revealed by the benchmark listing. Under the hood, the phone is powered by an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor clocked at 2.2GHz. While the exact model wasn’t revealed in the benchmark, it seems that this octa-core chip is none other than the rumored Snapdragon 660 mid-range processor. There were rumors about the same chip being used by a Xiaomi phone, so this kind of goes well with the previous leaks.

xiaomi mi max 01

Other Xiaomi Mi Max 2 specs revealed by GFXBench include 4GB of RAM, 128GB storage, and Adreno 506 GPU. Then there’s a 12MP camera at the back capable of recording 4K videos and a 5MP shooter up front. In case you are wondering, there’s NFC as well.

To recap, the rumored specs of the Snapdragon 660 include octa-core architecture @ 2.2GHz, manufactured on a 14nm Samsung process, LPDDR4X memory support, X10 LTE and UFS 2.1. Of course, these are just rumored specs and we will have to wait for Qualcomm to officially take the wraps of the chip to confirm them.


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Note that the Xiaomi Mi Max was announced in May 2o16, so it’s likely that we’ll see an update to the model in the coming months.

Xiaomi Oxygen GFXBench Listing


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  • Fred

    Adreno 506 in a SD660?
    Never!? 😀
    This article is totaly nonsens. Where do you get your infos from? That Cortex A53 2.2GHz SoC is just Qualcomms SD626 or call it 8953 Pro which you will find soon in BQ Aquaris X and Samsungs C7, too!

    • Joe

      Your point is right, if we consider clock speed of 2.2GHz and Adreno 506, then it should be SD626. But that kind of would be a downgrade from SD650 / 652 inside the current Mi Max. So, it’s possible that the Adreno 506 detected by GFX is incorrect and it’s an unannounced chip like the SD660 (we are saying it should be the 660 because that’s what analyst have said before and it makes sense upgrading the new model with this chip).

      • Fred

        Oh, I understand, thanks! 🙂

        • Fred

          But I remember that Xiaomi also gone back from SD650 in its Redmi 3 PRO down to SD625 in its Redmi Note 4 … well, we will wait and see. 😉

          • Fred

            I wanted to say: Redmi Note 3 PRO …

          • Joe

            I knew this was probably going to be ur next point 🙂
            SD625 inside RN4 was a surprise and here, I m hoping that doesn’t repeat with the Mi Max 2. Let’s see!

  • Mr. Viscous

    True. It’s not the sd 660. Most definitely the 626 meaning Xiaomi is again downgrading to a lesser SOC just like it did with Note 3 —-> Note 4

    • Mr.Flying Zoom3rz

      Yup, already disappointed they dropped the SD660 from Redmi Pro 2.

      • Mr. Viscous

        exactly. I was so hyped for redmi pro 2. I was going to get it the very first day of launch but the P25 rumors really disappointed me.

        • Wolvie

          Wait a minute, you are saying Redmi Pro 2 also no longer using SD660 but downgraded to Mediatek shitty P25 ???

          Oh shitty Xiaomi CEOs, what are you all thinking man, you really make your fans unhappy by releasing new products , boosting empty words that they are upgraded products but the truth is they only give weaker soc

          • balcobomber25

            No ever confirmed they were using SD660, there were rumors and nothing else. Xiaomi has said they are launching a phone with the SD660 but they never said which one.

            The P25 should be a pretty good midrange chip and actually makes sense for the RP2 seeing as the original also had a Mediatek chipset, the X25.

      • balcobomber25

        The Redmi Pro 2 hasn’t been announced yet. There’s unconfirmed reports, in fact there was never a confirmed report they were even using the SD660 in the RP2. Until Xiaomi actually says it, it isn’t real. You will see hear dozens of “leaks” and reports about upcoming Xiaomi launched, 99% of them are BS.

    • balcobomber25

      Source to back this up?

  • Mr.Flying Zoom3rz

    The first Mi Max was having bending issues, I hope the new one to be better!