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Snapdragon 660 AnTuTu Benchmark Scores Leaked: Great Performance For A Mid-ranger

by Jed John 11

What is likely the AnTuTu benchmark performance of the expected Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor has appeared online. Recall that we had hinted at a rumor which says the Snapdragon 660 is in the works, along with a two other mid-range Snapdragon 630 and SD 635 SoCs.

snapdragon 660


The rumor places the Snapdragon 660 chipset in the mid-range cadre with Xiaomi tipped to use it in one of its upcoming Redmi-series smartphones. OPPO and Vivo top models may also feature the Snapdragon 660. The rumored specifications of the SD 660 is also given as an octa-core arrangement which may be a combination of the Cortex-A73 and A53 cores. The SD 660 is said to come with the Adreno 512 GPU and support dual-channel LPDDR4X-1866 memory, UFS 2.1 storage, up to 24MP camera, LTE Cat. 10 and three carrier aggregation. The chipset which would replace the Snapdragon 652 and 653 is also said to be manufactured using Samsung 14nm LPP process meaning power efficiency and heat control would be some of its features.

snapdrgon 660

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Even though we cannot verify the authenticity of the data, the said AnTuTu benchmark data showed the Snapdragon 660 polled a total of 105576 points on the whole.  Individually, the CPU ran 31,982 points, the RAM polled a score of 7067, 3D 30827 points and UX 35,700 points. We don’t have details of the clock frequency on which the chipset ran and the RAM size of the device. So, it is possible the SD 660 chip may finally pull a more efficient score when it is optimized.

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  • Genko

    The mid-ranger from this year is the flagship from last year. I can live with that 😉

  • Mr. Viscous

    Any chance of Qualcomm releasing this alongside the Redmi Pro 2 or will it be in a seperate event?

  • Rob

    It’s little wonder that more and more Chinese phone vendors are moving to Qualcomm as their midrange SoC’s are very close to MT’s flagships. The gap is increasing at a faster rate ever and I can see MT really struggling unless they put out something better than the p20/p25 rubbish.

    • Adebumiti Peter Adelowo

      You are right.MTK face a tough challenge trying to match Snapdragon. I feel scandalize that their high end SoCs, the Helio X series and P series could not match up. Even the Kirin is doing a wonderful job. Whither Mediatek?

    • Wolvie

      Yeah even for mediatek latest flagship x30 i believe cannot compete with qualcomm midrange soc 65x / sd66x.

      The only weapon that mediatek have is selling their soc at low bottom price to lure the china manufacturers. but since we never know how much those soc manufacturers selling their soc products then we cannot assume anything. Everything is still based on speculations.

      Probably greedy qualcomm selling price are really outrageously expensive compare to mediatek, nobody knows. Don’t get me wrong i do hate monopoly and patent trolls like qualcomm but so far they are the only soc vendor that can deliver faster and reliable socs to us.

      Still waiting for mediatek to release a descent soc with descent software supports. I got no need their highend soc against SD83x series. If mediatek can beat SD66x series then it is good enough for me to jump the wagon.

      • X30 will have a faster CPU and probably GPU than the SD660, Antutu scores expected to be around 150K.

  • Saku

    Wow! Nice scores…

  • Heinz Dundersztyc

    Probably will be used with mid range phones :S So probably too expensive for me :/

  • Karly Johnston

    You can actually play all games on that.

  • Mr.Flying Zoom3rz

    Even I already bought a very good phone like Lenovo P2 I’m still eagerly waiting for Xiaomi Redmi Pro 2. Amoled 5.5, SD660, 4/6 GB RAM and 4500mah is a very nice package in my book. If the price is around $250 it’s mine.

  • morgs640

    The only problem with these CPU’s is that the performance is so good that a lot of Manufacturers are putting them in high end or at least high priced phones to cut costs instead of passing it on to the end user.