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Xiaomi Mi 6 To Feature A Special Ceramic Edition

by Jed John 4

The Mi 5 was only of Xiaomi‘s most popular flagship Mi-series smartphones till date, perhaps that explains why we now have the Mi 5S, Mi 5S Plus and of late the Mi 5C. Aside from the beautiful body design, the Xiaomi Mi 5 came with a well-studded hardware lineup crammed inside it. But one feature which made the Mi 5 stand out is the use of ceramic on one of the variants. The ceramic edition turned out to be very popular, such that Xiaomi now made it a routine in its flagships despite the low yield.

xiaomi mi 5
Xiaomi Mi 5

Now, popular analyst Kevin Wang has revealed via a Weibo post that the expected Xiaomi Mi 6 would feature a special edition with a ceramic body. Mr Wang who is the IHS Director of research in China isn’t known for frivolous tips but has some credibility, also revealed that US smartphone maker, Apple is also interested in using Ceramic glass on the iPhone and may do that next year.

Xiaomi Mi 6As it stands, the production output for ceramic glass material is low but the post also hints at an increase in investment in ceramics in the industry, precipitated by the supply chain that would arise from the Mi 6 using the premium body material. Apart from the Mi 5, the Xiaomi Mi Mix also uses the ceramic glass body and there is no doubt it gave the device some class and added beauty. There is no doubt, the Mi 6 Ceramic edition would come on top of the pack but it is hoped that production capacity would be able to meet the demand it would generate.

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The Xiaomi Mi 6 is billed as Xiaomi’s next big thing and is rumored to come with a Snapdragon 835 chip onboard and a 5.2-inch display which isn’t likely a curved display. The display resolution is likely to have a 1080p version and a higher version with 2K resolution. There are also likely more than one storage variants with 4GB + 32GB, 4GB + 64GB and likely a top-end version with 6GB + 128GB. For the full rumored specifications, you can check out our article on Xiaomi Mi 6 Rumor roundup: Price, Specs, Release, Features & More.


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  • Gousgounis

    2017 is a “dual” trend year.
    Flagship phones should feature Dual curved screen, dual cameras, dual channel memory, dual sim, 2k etc
    (dual core excluded 🙂 )
    I hope xiaomi will deliver.

    • ax

      And for dual price.

      • Gousgounis


        Xiaomi surely follows that!
        Releasing a pinecore phone at the same price as the Snapdragon variant is just ridiculous.


    Just give us a god-damn great camera comparable to pixel or s7 edge;increase price by 500 yuan if reqd but please make it as near perfect camera centric phone;tired of average camera phones on every iteration and crap features like ceramic. A combo of 4/64(or 128) with 5’2-5’7 and 3000(or 3200 mAH) FHD with great camera and even SD821;thats my ideal flagship for 2017;G6 has shown the way but way out of budget,if Xiaomi can match G6 with 3499 yuan also, i am in