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LeEco Le Max 3 New Flagship With Dual Cameras + AI: Summary (Launching Tomorrow!)

by Jed John 11

At last, LeEco is set to launch the much touted Le Max 3 on April 11. The LeEco Le Max 3 is no doubt a flagship device and has for long been rumoured to pack an all-new AI technology. Ahead of tomorrow’s launch, LeEco’s phone official Weibo account today posted a teaser poster which seems to suggest that the upcoming phone will have an intelligence that is akin to that of humans in the sense that it learns and gets wiser with time. Here is a brief summary of the key features the Le Max 3 is expected to come with.

LeEco Le Max 3 Le X850


The LeEco Le Max 3 is one device which is yet to launch but its images have featured in lots of leaks. One feature which stands out on the design of the Le Max 3 is the rear camera setup. The smartphone is expected with a dual-lens camera setup at the rear and even at that, the camera design is unique. The dual cameras are designed in a weird way that looks like the Biscuit man’s face. The rear cameras come with dual-LED flash and a fingerprint scanner below the camera.

In appearance, the phone also features a metal unibody design. The display comes with bezels but with narrow ones, both on the left and right sides. Above the display, an earpiece can be seen separating two round-shaped features. One of them is the selfie camera and there is no confirmation on what the other feature is. There is no physical home button under the display as the device likely uses a virtual home button. There is also a USB Type-C port and just like the Le Pro 3, don’t expect the Le Max 3 to come with the 3.5mm audio jack.

LeEco Le Max 3 Le X850


The LeEco Le Max 3 is expected to sport a 5.7-inch display with Quad HD resolution.  The device was earlier rumoured to be powered by a Snapdragon 821 chipset but latest rumour tips the Le Max 3 to pack Mediatek’s Helio X27. We don’t have an elaborate detail of the specifications but perhaps the biggest feature on the smartphone will be the AI technology it will come with. The AI system enables the phone to work via direct voice command whereby users control most functions just by speaking a command. That isn’t all, the AI is superintelligent as it can learn the owner’s usage pattern over time. Thus, its level of integration with the phone increases over time and it can even learn the functionalities of 3rd party apps.

Further, the LeEco AI is said to have a much higher Recognition rate which is much higher than the average voice assistant.


The LeEco Le Max 3 will have some tough competitors which are also launching this month to contend with. First, the Xiaomi Mi 6 flagship is expected this April as well and there is no doubt the Snapdragon 835 chip it is packing would command some of the attention LeEco’s new phone is supposed to get. The choice of an Helio X27 chipset, if true, would be a turn-off for many fans of Qualcomm’s chips.

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Also, Meizu is expected to launch a new smartphone this month which is suspected to be the Pro 7. This is another device the Le Max 3 would compete for market share with but one thing LeEco has going for it is the cheap pricing of its flagships. It is believed the Le Max 3 would command some attention with its price, well, except LeEco’s financial trouble plays a role in the pricing of the flagship.

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  • Zero

    If is Mediatek Helio X27 for a high price it will be a massive failure from them and the final nail of their coffin. If is Helio X30 it would be another story.

    • Muhammad Yasir

      if it’s priced right and performs appropriately well , i don’t see any reason why x27 shouldn’t be there

      • Zero

        The problem is that the Le Max 2 was superior due the Snapdragon 820 inside… A downgrade is a suicidal move.

        • Muhammad Yasir


  • mopsert

    I am kinda bored by the constant same design with only the slightest modifications, this time the antenna bands. Five months ago I was waiting for a 5.7″ flagship LeEco device and was willing to buy it as a replacement for the Le Max 2. It took LeEco way too long to make this phone available and if they really use the X27 I am not interested. SD821 is even too old. I expected a SD835.

    • Much rather them to focus on built quality and camera than SD835, SD821 is more than enough for everyone.

      • Raky_b

        It is, but this model is exactly the same as previous… From inside and outside.
        With SD835 they could at least say that they have new device.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    that Biscuit man face :p

  • Remove the borders and re-design your UI and you might get better sales.

  • Raky_b

    Old SoC and old and ugly black borders around screen… No wonder they mobile division is taking them out of business.

  • Saku

    I reckon Le Max 3 will feature 835 unlike rumors suggested. This is a do or die phone for Leeco and they should make a strong statement or they will surely crumble beyond saving this time.