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Is The Xiaomi Mi 6 Launching Tomorrow?

by Habeeb Onawole 2

It has been a long wait for Xiaomi fans and it seems their wait might or might not be coming to an end tomorrow. A new post by Xiaomi’s official Weibo account hints at a very important info about the Mi 6 being released tomorrow. Is it the launch? You’ll have to read this to the end to find out.

The account has been posting images of their previous flagships in the last couple of days and today’s post was for the Xiaomi Mi 5. Since the previous posts did not include variants like the Mi 4i or Mi 4C, there is a high chance that tomorrow’s post will be for the Xiaomi Mi 6 and not for the Mi 5s or Mi 5s Plus. The countdown began on April 6 with each post mentioning the highlight of the phone.

A follow up post by the account says we should expect a surprise at noon tomorrow. Some say the surprise might be the launch of the Mi 6 while others say it might be the announcement of the official launch date. Since we have heard no news of an official invite going round for a Xiaomi event, the latter seems to be the more likely thing to happen.

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The Xiaomi Mi 6 has been delayed due to the supply issues plaguing the Snapdragon 835. There will be two variants with different screen sizes and memory configuration and the larger variant is expected to launch with dual cameras.

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  • What has happened to the Xiaomi Redmi Pro 2. Everyone was saying it would launch by the end of March. Tomorrow??

  • Zero

    Tomorrow a new brand rabbit is released on the wild market… Wondering how this ends… And wondering if JerryRigEverything will do a test on it.