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Huawei CEO Richard Yu Speaks On the Huawei P10 Flash Memory Issue

by Jed John 15

Huawei’s CEO Richard Yu, also known as Yu Chengdong has come all out to defend his company over the Huawei P10 and P10 Plus flash memory controversy that erupted recently. The Huawei P10 was recently revealed to have some discrepancies in the flash storage installed on several of the units in China. This led to varying results in Androbench benchmark test where some of the storage were noticed to be faster than others thus fueling speculations that Huawei used UFS 2.1 storage, UFS 2.0 and even eMMC 5.1 storage on different units.

Huawei P10 Hands on


The CEO in two lengthy Weibo posts threw more light on the circumstances surrounding the controversial flash memory issue and also talked about the P10’s lack of an Oleophobic coating over the screen. Mr Yu hinted that the main reason why both UFS and eMMC storages were used on different batches of the P10 was due to supply shortage. Apparently, the company ran out of supply of the faster UFS storage and so had to use the eMMC models. The CEO, however, insisted that using either of the two flash storage did not hamper the performance of the P10 as the optimization of both the phone’s hardware and software was able to ensure that even with an eMMC flash memory the device still delivers seamlessly.

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The CEO further stated that he has personally been using the P10 Plus with an eMMC storage as well as a Mate 9 (the two posts were shown to have been posted from the P10 Plus and Mate 9) and has not noticed any difference in performance caused by the inferior flash storage. The question still arises if the company was justified to use a lower flash memory and still offer such units with eMMC flash memory at the same price with those using UFS 2.1 storage. The last may likely not have been heard about this issue.


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  • I think Huawei should recall the P10 and P10 plus, and replace UFS 2.1 memory.

    • IX Nonus

      Yes I think so…

    • Xiaodu

      Of course they won’t do that. I am a Chinese, now huawei said that the other companies are cheating their users not to buy Huawei devices by this thing. They said it is unfair to them and refused to tell the truth in my country.

  • Rob

    Hang on a minute, didn’t they come out the other day saying more or less that all memory was UFS

    • Yes, they showed the Androbench score at 800

  • Dany

    R u selling me a device with fake specs? I’m not a lawyer but…isn’t it illegal?

  • The Rebrand Nation

    This is called fraud .

  • The Rebrand Nation

    People pay 500 $ to get eMMC 5.1 storage
    Are kidding Huawei? ?

  • Christian Thompson

    I doubt there is any noticeable difference. Not a big issue


    Chinese standard

  • Hmmmmm Huaweiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • Peter MacCabe

    I’ve just taken delivery of a P10 Plus and despite its 6GB RAM seems SLOWER than my S7 Edge. Now I’m wondering?

    • Isn’t it possible to run Androbench app on the device and compare the performance with that of the S7 Edge? That could rule in or rule out memory as the cause….. Huawei touts that its latest Kirin processor offers better performance with time, though…

  • Sam Wong

    using emmc 5.1 is same performance with UFS 2.1, you must be kidding me…you can’t put something lower then still charging us the same price. what a stupid comments, i was a fan of huawei & thought of getting a P10 plus but need to on hold…your reputation has been discounted …

  • Wolvie

    WTF is this asshole CEO saying that UFS 2.1 vs eMMC 5.1 got NO DIFFERENCE ???????
    IT IS A BIG DIFFERENCE you moron.

    So huawei bought cheaper memory (and earn bigger profit) at the cost of their customers enjoy a much lower speed on their huawei smartphones , and they called this normal LOL ?????