Leaked Image Shows First batch of Xiaomi Mi 6 Ready for Shipment

by Habeeb Onawole 0

The Xiaomi Mi 6 was officially launched last Wednesday and pre-orders have already begun. Jingdong Mall, one of the official retailers has recorded over 600,000 pre-orders ahead of the first flash sale on Friday, 28th of April. Xiaomi too is hard at work in its factories, trying to ensure that there are enough units available for purchase.

Chinese blogger @Luo Yiwen yesterday shared an image of factory workers in front of the first batch of Mi 6 ready for shipment. The picture was taken at 20:13hrs, on April 21 2017. We don’t know how many units have been produced so far but Xiaomi has just five days left before the phone goes on sale. Will it be able to meet up with demand? We hope so.

Part of Xiaomi’s focus for this year is to meet up with the high demand for its phones. Last year, it recorded less sales due to supply issues and its over reliance on using online sales only. Xiaomi didn’t mention if the Mi 6 will be available in physical stores come Friday but it will be unwise if they are repeating the same mistakes from last year.

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The Xiaomi Mi 6 will start at ¥2499 ($363) for the 64GB model and  ¥2899 ($421) for the 128GB version. The special edition with a ceramic body and 128GB of storage will be sold for ¥2299 ($435). All versions come with 6GB of RAM, a Snapdragon 835 SoC and dual rear cameras.

By the way, now that the Xiaomi Mi 6 is out, can we get a price slash on the Mi 5s?