Moto Style Shells Spotted Ahead of Alleged Launch this Week

by Anvinraj Valiyathara 0

The Motorola Moto Z smartphone that was launched in 2016 can not only be customized by attaching various kinds of Moto Mods accessories, but also by adding interchangeable rear covers called Moto Style Shells. Now, Louie Chan HK, a Weibo user has revealed some of the upcoming Moto Style Shells. Unlike previous Moto Style Shells that were made of different materials like Oak and Leather, the newer ones seem to be focused on certain kind of design.


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As it can be seen in the above image that was shared on Weibo, the design of the new Style Shells is focused on scenery. One of them shows the beauty of a skyscraper and another one shows an evening shot of a city and the other one displays a view of the sunset between two buildings.

Like the currently available Style Shells, the newer ones appear quite thin. Moto Z phones have a protruding rear camera module. Hence, adding a Moto Style Shell can help the phone to sport a flat rear.

There is no information on the material of these Moto Style Shells. However, they appear to be built from the same material and have a glossy appeal. There is a possibility that these Moto Style Shells could be made of plastic or metal. The different designs that can be seen may not be engraved on the cover but it could be overlaid by using some kind of material such as vinyl or silicon.

All the three Moto Style Shells have a circular cut-out for the round-shaped rear camera of Moto Z. It seems that it can be also used on the upcoming Moto Z2 flagship that also features a circular-shaped camera housing. Below the camera cut-out is the circular Moto batwing logo on each shell.

The existing Moto Style Shells are available for $20 each. There is a possibility that these new shells that sport elaborate designs which may be printed in a manner to last longer might come with a costlier pricing. It is likely that the new rear covers may launch and become available globally for purchase by this week.

The Moto Z2 and Moto Z2 Play leaked images and details have already surfaced. Since the predecessor models debuted in June last year, rumors have it that Lenovo will be unleashing the next-generation Moto Z phones in June 2017.