Gone in Seconds! Xiaomi Mi 6 Sold out in Seconds in First Flash Sale

by Jed John 0

The Xiaomi Mi 6 finally went up on sale today in China just as it was scheduled to. The sales took place across several e-commerce platforms including Mi Home, Xiaomi Mall, Jingdong, Tesco, and Suning. As was expected, the flagship device only opened for few seconds before it was listed as sold out on Xiaomi official web store, Mi Home. The device was also listed as sold out on the other platforms.

xiaomi mi 6

For some reasons, Xiaomi announced not too long before the sales date that only the Black variant of the Mi 6 would be available on this first flash sale. True to its word, the device was only available in Black but buyers had the option of choosing between the 6GB + 64B and 6GB + 128GB storage versions which to buy.

xiaomi mi 6

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We do not know when the Snapdragon 835 powered flagship device would go on its next flash sale but we expect the cycle to keep repeating itself, at least for some time to come until Xiaomi makes enough stock available to meet the demand for the device. However, the Mi 6 can be gotten from third-party resellers who are likely going to offer it at a price that is a little higher than the official price.