Xiaomi Quietly Updates Mi 6 Product Page, Now Shows Full Adreno 540 GPU Clock Speed

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Xiaomi has this annoying tradition of under-clocking the processors on some variants of its flagships. The Xiaomi Mi 5 and Mi 5s are fresh examples. The base version of the former is clocked at 1.8GHz instead of 2.15GHz and the Mi 5s is clocked at 2.15GHz unlike the Mi 5s Plus that is clocked at 2.35GHz. You should then understand our joy when we learnt no such thing would happen with the Xiaomi Mi 6.

That joy soon turned to disappointment when we saw that the Adreno 540 GPU was listed as under-clocked on the Mi 6 product page. Instead of the standard 710MHz, the GPU speed was written as 653MHz. However, Weibo user @Fertile was able to confirm that the Mi 6 indeed reaches the 710MHz clockspeed even almost 800MHz when he benchmarked it on GFXBench.

Xiaomi Mi 6 Adreno 540 GPU
Xiaomi Mi 6 New Product Page

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If you head to the product page now, Xiaomi has modified the info and has changed the Adreno 540′ GPU clockspeed to 710MHz for all variants of the Mi 6. We still don’t know what prompted the lower clockspeed but we are glad Mi 6 owners will be getting the best out of Qualcomm’s new chip.