MIUI 9 Features Leak: Split Screen & Picture-in-Picture

by Jed John 1

Xiaomi kick-started the development of the next major version of its custom ROM dubbed MIUI 9 about six months ago. While devices are still getting upgrades based on MIUI 8 and new features keeps entering the latest version, the company has been shown to still be working on the MIUI 9. A recent letter by Xiaomi to its developers have revealed more of the features the MIUI 9 would bring to the table.

According to the document, the MIUI 9 would come with two new features identified as “split screen” and picture-in-picture (PIP). The document gives the relevant recommendations to developers who we believe are working on the new MIUI 9. You can peruse the document on Split screen from here, while the Picture-in-Picture description can be seen from here.

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The documents didn’t specifically mention the MIUI 9 even though Xiaomi had signalled from its inception that it is working on the next-gen ROM. But it is indicated in the letter that the features would be for the MIUI next version. More so, the features would be adapted for Android 7.0 and Xiaomi asked developers to adapt their work to the Android standard interface without the need for MIUI for the adaptation work. That is another pointer to the fact that the features would not be restricted to the current versions of MIUI.