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OnePlus 5 Said to Release Around June End with Snapdragon 835 & 1080p Display

by Anvinraj Valiyathara 12

Sony, Samsung, and Xiaomi have launched their Snapdragon 835 chipset driven flagship smartphones. Even HTC is slated to announce the HTC U 11 running on Snapdragon 835 on May 16. Now the rumor mill is spilling information on one of the most awaited smartphones of the year, the OnePlus 5 that is also powered by Snapdragon 835. Well-known leakster, Mocha RQ has revealed fresh information on OnePlus 5.

According to the leakster, the OnePlus 5 will be releasing at the end of June. The rumor mill has been claiming that the OnePlus 5 would be featuring a 2K display. Using 2K display on OnePlus 5 can make the phone consume more battery power. Hence, the leakster claims that the OnePlus 5 will continue to sport a 5.5-inch screen that will support full HD resolution like its predecessor, the OnePlus 3T.

OnePlus 5 leaks by Mocha RQ

The leakster claims that the OnePlus 5 would be arriving with a dual rear camera. Leaked information coming from another source on Weibo, Kumamoto Technology also states that the upcoming flagship will come with a horizontally arranged dual rear camera, even though recent rumors said that it will feature vertically arranged dual camera setup. In the previous month, leaked photos showing the leaked case of OnePlus 5 with the horizontally arranged dual rear camera were spotted. The EXIF data of the leaked camera samples that were alleged taken from OnePlus 5 also suggest that they were shot through its twin rear cameras.

OnePlus 5 leaked specs

Initial rumors of OnePlus 5 have revealed that the Snapdragon 835 chipset would be coupled with 8 GB of RAM. The increased cost of production of 8 GB of RAM and using it and on a large number of OnePlus 5 units would not be easy for the company. Hence, both the sources have claimed that OnePlus 5 would be arriving with 6 GB of RAM. The forthcoming OnePlus 5 flagship is pegged to come with 128 GB of native storage. Like the predecessor phone, OnePlus 5 is speculated to come with a front-facing fingerprint reader that will be probably embedded under the screen.

New leaks also suggest that the OnePlus 5 would come with a 3,600 mAh battery. The company is expected to bring 25 percent faster charging on OnePlus 5. There is still no confirmation on whether OnePlus will axe the 3.5mm audio jack on the upcoming flagship.

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  • Charlotte Banfield

    You’ve put “The forthcoming OnePlus 5 flagship is pegged to come with 128 GB of RAM”, shouldn’t this be 128 GB of internal memory?

  • Interesting phones, but battery life is my number one criterion and, so far, all previous OnePlus phones have had only average to below average battery life, according to GSMArena’s battery life listings.

    • Hirs_E_Fruit

      GSMArena’s battery life listings is such a crap listing….
      with all the things you can do on an Oneplus you can get a out 7-9 hours SoT…..

      • Well, even if GSMArena’s absolute scores are off, they are still useful in a relative sense which puts all OnePlus phones below the middle in their rankings, nowhere near as good as many Xiaomi phones that give a full 2 days of battery life.

        • Hirs_E_Fruit

          Compare a midrange SoC and an 4000mAh battery with and highend SoC and 3500mAh battery, sorry but you dont have an knowledge…

          The only interesting stat is SoT, i have a phone with 13 hours SoT which is so low ranked on this amazing GSMArena thing…

          • I wasn’t comparing other features of the OnePlus phones, my only focus was on battery life. I could have picked the Xiaomi Mi 5 to compare which also is high end but still gets 2-day battery life.

          • Hirs_E_Fruit

            And your SoT of your Xiaomi Mi 5 is?

            SoT is the only real thing you can compare… all other things arent comparable…

            Because if you dont use your phone every phone cant have 2-day battery life or more, if i dont use mine i have about more than 4-5-day battery life…

  • greg

    8GB of RAM is a complete waste ,it is nonsense , nobody wants that ,6GB of RAM is more than enough , while 2K display is mandatory and also the increase of mAh in the battery

    • Hirs_E_Fruit

      2k display is such a waste of battery on 5.5 you wont notice a real difference between FHD and 2k

      I also would prefere a 4000 mAh battery but 3600 mAh is still better than 3000 mAh in other flagships….

      • Matteo Contrini

        you wont notice a real difference between FHD and 2k


        • Hirs_E_Fruit

          VR isnt mainstream ready and VR isnt a normal use of smartphone….

  • Anon 2.0

    eat what?