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Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X Gets A New Red Paint Job, Launching Tomorrow

by Habeeb Onawole 10

The Redmi Note 4X was launched back in February as a Snapdragon variant of the original Redmi Note 4. That was what we thought until Xiaomi released the high-end version with the same Helio X20 processor we thought it ditched. Originally released in champagne gold, matte black, platinum silver, cherry powder, and a Hatsune Miku Edition with a teal paint, Xiaomi is set to add one more color variant tomorrow.

Red Redmi Note 4X Teaser

A teaser image on the official Weibo page for Xiaomi redmi phones has disclosed that the Redmi Note 4X will be getting a new red variant tomorrow. The post is referring to it as a Jingdong special edition, so this may likely not be available on other platforms.

Details about the phone are still unknown. We don’t know if it will be limited to certain memory variants or if it will be sold for a higher price. We will have to wait till tomorrow to get answers to these questions.

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Lately manufacturers have started releasing more color variants for their devices as a way to breathe in new life to them. So far, the strategy seems to be working.

Will you be interested in picking up a Red Redmi Note 4X when it launches?


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  • Ionut Johnny

    Oh and I just bought the special blur colour edition but red is my favorite colour…

    • Lucien

      Hi, do you recommend the Redmi Note 4 Global Edition with Band 20? Should I go for the 3GB ram variant or the 4GB / 64GB storage variant? Aliexpress or other resellers? Thanks!

      • Ionut Johnny

        I still have to receive it, I order it from ebay on 14 this month, should be here today.

        • Lucien

          Hi, thank you for your reply. Banggood is right now selling the MI5S in Grey color at 238€. It is an excellent price for a flagship phone released 6 months
          ago. The fingerprint scanner is not perfect on the MI5S (not a big deal
          for me) and also the volume buttons generates some noise when using them
          (by using a protective case I will resolve that issue too).

          I was planning to get the Redmi Note 4 Global Edition which has Band 20
          equipped with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage sold around 165€ but can’t decide which phone to get. The Redmi Note 4 is bigger and has apparently a
          fragile screen, some users have already broken their screens with a
          small fall.

          MI5S has a 5.15″ screen, Redmi Note 4 has a 5.5″. The
          later one will have of course a better battery life. The MI5S has a more
          powerful CPU and I will be able to use it with one hand.

          Your help is welcome!

          • Ionut Johnny

            Depends on you, how will you use the phone, Gaming, calls, camera, photos, videos, browsing?

          • Lucien

            Hi, well I am not really a gamer but I will probably play some games such as FIFA. I have seen some gaming reviews of the Redmi Note 4 SD variant, it handles most of the games you throw at it even the most demanding ones. All that being said, I will use the phone for calls browsing and will take some pictures or videos in daylight. I am just wondering if the battery life will be great after a few months of usage for the MI5S (after a couple of charge cycles). Both phones have upsides and downsides. Apparently RN4 take good pictures in daylight. MI5s is more compact than RN4. I am stuck here, don’t know what to buy.

          • Ionut Johnny

            Both are very good, it’s tough. I’ve just done photos and videos today in London side by side, redmi note 4x blue and Huawei p10, I really like both phones, there’s a difference but the average user won’t notice it. I need to see the samples on my computer but on the phones looked very similar, just the colours were a bit different, the Mi has natural colours while the Huawei has bright (unnatural) ones.

          • Lucien

            I used to live in London, I really miss the vibes of the city. Making the right decision is difficult but I think I will get the RN4 for the excellent battery life. SD625 is very efficient and in daily usage I wouldn’t notice the difference between the two phones. Many thanks for your help!

          • Ionut Johnny

            The battery life is impressive and I like the big screen and feel of the redmi note 4, it feels like you really holding a phone in your hand and not something very light and fragile.

          • Ionut Johnny

            Yes, at that price you can’t regret it, redmi note 4 is really good.